I’m going to hell for this…

Out of all the things I’ve done in my life, I think the thing most likely to send me to hell is the composition of “Motivator“.
I think somewhere back in 1992, a CD was produced that changed the world of corporate presentations. It wasn’t great music, or even any good – but it was very popular; and thus was born the “corporate presentation sound”.
I have gotten a lot of requests for this sort of music, and I’ve always said “no”… until now.
Motivator” has a lot of problems… I’ll leave it as an exercise to the listener to find them all – but one thing it does have, is that early 90’s corporate sound.
I can almost hear the voiceover script for this… “Our 2012 line of fans and blowers is unmatched in the Upper Midwest, and you can see the difference they’ll make in your commercial buildings today!”
what have i done… i am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

Oh, there’s more. Yes, there’s the other corporate musical plague… the corporate light jazz. You guessed it. I recorded that, too. “Airport Lounge“.
This is also suitable for more chill lifestyle-oriented corporate presentations.
Hear that smooth modulation in the middle of the piece? Yup… smoooth…

I didn’t stop. What if you have a lighter fell-good presentation for… chainsaws or something else fun.
Hackbeat“. Enjoy. Or… try to enjoy.
good lord.