Month: May 2011


The Thumber from Nathan Ross on Vimeo. This is the type of film I don’t normally post (as the soundtrack is very simply used), but I found it delightful.

New Music Finally!

Gaslamp Funworks – Another steampunkish piece. Somehow both epic and fun! Super Friendly – I wrote this as the climax/denouement for a reality-tv-show-that-shall-not-be-named. It was rejected – so don’t worry about that too much. Just enjoy the over-emotion. Supernatural Radio

non YouTube folks can ignore this….

It took about 4 days to do all the research on this little page – and I hope if helps everyone to understand what is going on! How the YouTube ContentID System works with my Music Cheers, all!

Attention Music Hoarders!

I know you’re out there… Does anyone have a copy of a piece of music I did with the title of “Maz”? I wrote it in 1996, I think – and had it on my site for a while, but

Calming Music

With all the hubbubs today, I needed to get out some calming music. With Regards And also, a very uncomforting piece with just 6 notes played over 10 minutes: Irregular Cheers all.


Nobody panic! I’m doing a trial run with AudioMicro1 to run ads on YouTube. You may receive a copyright notice from YouTube because of this. I’m working with AudioMicro right now to clarify the wording of this. If you don’t