Month: June 2011

More testing with West African Drums

Quasi Motion – I’m sorry. I don’t know what this is. It just got away from me. I like it… but I really have no idea what it is. Slow Heat – This is a more straightforward piece that fills


Though I can’t imagine this ever being played at “Polka Days”, it is super bright and catchy. How do you classify something like this? Is it a polka, or is it electronica? I put it under “Polka”. Give it a

Polynesian Fusion

At long last, a new collection! All percussion, all the time. Polynesian Fusion… an underserved market. StompDance Arcane Rite of Passage Firebrand Tikopia

Live performers

Are you a live performer dealing in juggling, poi, magic, fire-eating, object manipulation or similar? Please email me – I need some feedback on a new collection of music I’m working on for this sort of thing. Thanks, all!


There is a new indiegogo project now available for New film that I’m scoring. It is a documentary about pet ownership in China, mostly concerning pet rescue people. There are also some darker moments in the film. Watch the trailer

Google +1!

I just added the Google “Plus 1” button to my site so you can recommend this site passively to your friends. Emailing can be such a pain. Pushing a colourful button is fun! Try it at your leisure… I think