Month: August 2011

Full Blown Panic

Ok, Hurricane is coming to New York. I will not be responding to emails for a while as plans are enacted to save everything from flooding and starvation. If you have a project open with me – it’ll be a

A confusing idea

Okay. There is new music – but it isn’t here. It is music that I wrote – but I am dedicating this to the Public Domain, so They are on the other site: Oboe Rock Thing – written just last

Pod People

I have finally achieved personal cartoonedness.


Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to come up with a new style of basic configurable lines on a page, I got a suggestion for Spider Paper!

New Music Tuesday

Epic and Orchestral Heroic Age – big and awesome Constance – restrained and edgy The Pyre – deathly serious Invariance – 2 tempos in one file – choose whatever works for you. Cheers, all.

Movie Premiere

Tomorrow. New York. LA. Bellflower. In NEW YORK: ‎11:45am‎ ‎2:15‎ ‎4:40‎ ‎7:10‎ ‎10:00pm‎ I recommend this movie. It is really good. It is occasionally difficult. It is sometimes delightful. It’ll be worth your $13. Not sure which showing I’ll be