Month: November 2011

A favorite

One of my favorite scores has just been reposted to Youtube in its entirety. “Luke’s Kitchen” – now in high-def awesome. Yes, it is a documentary.

Stuff you Need

Hit the Streets Hit the Streets v2 You know that kind of music that fills in the bits where you follow someone around? Like if they’re running out onto the street to buy watermelons… or if they’re collecting buttons for

YouTube Update!

I spoke to a YouTube rep again today to get the status report. The progress is two-fold. First off – all of the companies that have been claiming my works as theirs were informed that they must actually review the

The Last Stand of the Mechanolith

And today, there is a simultaneous release of the soundtrack with the film… – Mechanolith – Hero Down These are really really epic when played loud. Like really epic. They out-epic the epic scores to many epic films. epic.

YouTube Copyright Claims Update

“I met with legal and we’ll be contacting all these content owners today about their claims.” That’s what I know for now!


I don’t usually swing this way compositionally – but in this case, I’m actively trying to dish out some heebie jeebies. This piece hurts. It is really difficult to listen to… the first dozen times at least. Unlight Lost of