Month: January 2012

Promises to Keep

It is 2012, and I’m going to start posting more things… like… posting some sheet music when applicable. The sheet music for this one is particularly bad, as it was not played in with a click track. All of the

Back from Vacation

Howdy all, I’m back from vacation as of… tomorrow, but I thought I’d post some stuff early! Batty McFaddin – a fun piano piece for you silent film score people. Overcast – Light-hitting disco. Because disco. Organic Grunge – Oh

Got 20 minutes?

Jiraiya the Brave, a 1921 Japanese silent film, was just recently rescored with my music. I think this is a great example of how to score old silent films to make them not seem like cartoons. Jiraiya (literally “Young Thunder”),


I’ve got some major new functionality for a few of my pieces of music from my partner SmartSound! For a limited number of pieces, you can get different mixes in ANY LENGTH you want. Most lengths have different mixes available,

Media Interview!

Here’s a great little 15 minute interview with me and some of YouTube/Google+’s more funner peoples. Got a question about me you want answered? It is probably in here. Cheers, all!