Month: September 2012


This one gets really cool about 3 minutes in. Inexorable

Call for Help on SQL

UPDATE! Finally got this thing figured out. It involved changing Collations on all of the columns in the database. —- I moved databases a while ago, and now my search queried in the “Keyword” search on my music section have

Scott Joplin Strikes Back

Fig Leaf Times Two Remember the days when people would detune their piano to get that big sound that would fill an old west tavern? Probably not. But you can relive those days with a really old-sounding piano playing the

Moonlight Hall

Note-for-note visualization: Moonlight Hall The inspiration for the piece:

An Egg’s Guide to Minecraft – Episode 7

Excellent super fun cartoon scoring!

Three new Pieces

This was a sort of a speed composition. 3 pieces, 3 hours each. It starts out in some thin woods with cows and such, and then rises to great heights before heading to the second movement – a happy little