Month: February 2013

Game Pack 1

The video explains most of it. More info here. Don’t forget to head to the “Get it here” link on the packs page to download the sample files! :-) — If you don’t want to buy the whole pack (regular



Copyright Limbo

I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone that copyright is not a simple thing. When you deal in international law, things get even worse. As base, there are compositions that are under copyright protection, and there are compositions in

Happy Bee

Happy Bee! Fun times for all… in a sort of non-threatening way. Happy Bee Happy Bee (Surf version)

Hitman Extended Version

I did the scoring for “Bite-Sized Minecraft 2”, and a few people have asked for bits to be released on my site. The problem is, they are really really short. I took one of the longer ones and made it

Local Forecast

There is just something about this kind of music that screams “weather forecast” to me. Luckily, changing the tempo changes the character, so you can enjoy three different feelings for the price of one! Local Forecast (93 bpm) Local Forecast