Not Yet AI Music

I’ve been playing with a computer generating music. This is my first iteration – it does one very specific thing, and it is starting to sound okay. I taught it drumming myself with some VERY simple rules. It seems to be working out okay.

var counter = 2;
var accents = [9,1,2,1,8,2,3,2,9,2,1,2,8,3,5,4];
function HandleMIDI(event)
	var keeper = getRandomIntInclusive(1,3);
	var dropper = getRandomIntInclusive(1,9);
	var variations = getRandomIntInclusive(-20,40);
	if (event instanceof NoteOn && keeper < accents[counter] ){
		event.velocity += accents[counter]*2;
		if (dropper <= accents[counter])
			event.pitch = 38;
		else {event.pitch = 40}
	if (event instanceof NoteOff ){
	if (event instanceof NoteOn ){++counter;} 
	if (counter == 16){counter = 0;}
I'm going to be making this more general, and it will shortly have the ability to do crescendos, drops, and melodies... so - I don't need comments on my code quite yet. :-)

Take a listen!

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