Completion of the creepy Shadowland Series!

Shadowlands 5 – Antechamber

Part five of seven. Airy, but not in the “I’m outdoors, and everything is great ‘airy'” way. More like the “the alien machine that sustains our life is slowly breaking down and poison is beginning to seep from its core” way. Whatever is happening… it isn’t fast, and it isn’t good.

Shadowlands 6 – The Pit

Part alien cacophony, part organic awfulness, part six of seven. If you set this piece as music you wake up to in the morning, you’re going to have a bad, bad day. There will be half remembered monsters from the times of not-asleep, not-awake… whose only jobs are to induce unexpected nausea inside government buildings.

Shadowlands 7 – Codex

Part seven of seven. A real mind bender. This one is all acoustic, and no artificial synths, so it has an organic feel. Not Certified Organic, just normal organic. So, that means it looks better, requires less fertilizer, has fewer pests and a higher yield.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!