Music AI Review: Tone Transfer

What it does: You give it some audio, and it changes the audio into an instrument.



There is a website you can play with:
The real power is with the Plug-ins available for your DAW.

I’ve used this to get one of the most realistic saxophone sounds available. Sax samples are notoriously difficult to get to sound good. This does it with relative ease.

If that isn’t mind-blowing enough, you can train your own model by providing at least 10 minutes of the instrument you want to copy and letting it train for a few hours.
If you’re looking for a virtual instrument that no one has sampled yet – this can make them. It can only do instruments that sound one note at a time, so no pianos or guitars.



The saxophone in this example was realized with Tone Transfer. Note it goes below the actual range of the instrument at times. Amazing!

Killer Application: You’re recording Big Band arrangements, but only play the trumpet. You can record the sax and bone lines on the instrument you’re most familiar with, and the feeling will transfer to the new instrument.

Price: Free
Quality: Very High