Text to Morse to MIDI App

Text -/> Morse -> MIDI

Text to Morse to MIDI takes text, and translates the text to Morse Code, and then outputs a MIDI file of the text.

I understand this is pretty niche, but it didn’t exist yet – so I had to make it.

The Background: I’m currently doing sound design for a Steampunk-based video game. One of the “characters” is the Navigational Computer, a Babbage-style computer that talks in Morse Code. To get her to talk, I needed to translate the dialog to Morse Code that is loaded into my audio editing software. I can then assign the notes to a Tesla Coil sample, and we’re done!

Fun Fact: If you experience the game enough, you start learning Morse Code by following along with the subtitles.

This doesn’t output theoretically perfect Morse Code. It was designed to have a semi-randomized “hand” (like having an accent, but in Morse Code).

Built with Flask, a web framework in Python.