Author: Kevin MacLeod

Party in the street, in the club, or in the boardroom!

BossaBossa What makes a Bossa Nova a Bossa Nova? Whatever it is, this has it double! Or maybe it is just compensating for its relatively simple chord progression. Enjoy your Bossa! Probably. Probably a Bossa Nova. You can download the

For Your Creepy Stuff

New musics from Brett for the greatest season! Free to use with credits, blah blah… :-) Enjoy.

Happy birthday to me! Ringtones for Patreon!

My birthday is coming up in a few days, and I’m making EVERY Patreon Supporter their own VERY ANNOYING RINGTONE! No two will be alike. Sort of like a loud snowflake, but without so much beauty. Coming in mp3

Nautical or Nostalgic?

Salty Ditty Avast ye maties! All your boat are belong to us! Super chipper piratey-like 8bit tune. I mean, it could be used for non-nautical things, but the audience will probably be all like “Hey! Why is there an 8-bit

NerdCon: Stories 2016

Welcoming Autumn with new tunes!

ZigZag A little aggressive, a little chill, a little groovy, a little cool. Not entirely appropriate for all occasions, but in the right context – it may be just what you need! This is the “Goth 7th-Grader” of the music