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Easier to use Graph Paper Maker

If the inverting absolute size into “Lines per inch” notation was driving you batty, I have a new generator which works in a different way! Try it here.

Graph Paper Addition

Inverted Graph Paper Inverted (white-on-colour) PDF Generator

For Composers!

I have had plain staff paper available on my site for a while, but if you’re looking to up your creativity, check out In particular, I like the study scores and “featured” papers. Yay! Crumply! Seriously cool stuff.

New Paper?

Yeah, its been a while since that headline came up! Behold! Grid Lined Grid-Lined PDF Generator – – Multiple boxes per each writing line. It doesn’t need to be as big as it is shown there… you can really cram

Turkish Calendars

Are you in Turkey and need a calendar? Maybe you speak Turkish and haven’t found a decent printable calendar… Well, now you can!

Filler Paper

The people have spoken, and they want filler paper… without so many confusing options. Behold! Notebook Paper! It even comes with the new “grad-school” lined option with half the header, and 3.55mm line spacing. “That’s manifesto paper right there…” –