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Hokey Ker-Smokers!

Well… there’s been a pile of upgrades going on here. Here’s the tour! The NameDB just got a major data infusion – adding 24% more names! (that’s a lot of names). The Graph Paper landing page was out-of-hand, so I

Super Reorganization

The entire royalty-free music section of my site is revamped. I’ve been working on setting this up for a couple of weeks. It isn’t complete, but it is better than what I had – so I switched it. Behold! It


Ok. I made a ringtone. Were this a normal ringtone, I’d hate myself. But this isn’t. It makes other people not want to answer your phone. Also – it isn’t annoying in a theater. Who would suspect? Get it (right-click

New Host

I have a brand new hosting company for my music files, and it seems to be working like a champ! Thanks to all of you for your recommendations. I made charts with the features of each host, and the pricing

Help me out…

I am in the process of finding a new Web Host provider for my audio files. One might think this is an easy process… one would be wrong. I need 5 Gig of storage and 500 Gig of transfer per


Recently, my site has been upgraded in the Google rankings. I’m now number 8 for “Royalty free music”. I’ve been getting a super duper big pile of requests recently. I’m trying to keep up with everything, but it is taking