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Pod People

I have finally achieved personal cartoonedness.

Movie Premiere

Tomorrow. New York. LA. Bellflower. In NEW YORK: ‎11:45am‎ ‎2:15‎ ‎4:40‎ ‎7:10‎ ‎10:00pm‎ I recommend this movie. It is really good. It is occasionally difficult. It is sometimes delightful. It’ll be worth your $13. Not sure which showing I’ll be


Thanks to Matt Riley for finding this… In the “documentary”, Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?, they used at least one of my pieces of music (Zombie Hoodoo). You can watch it on Netflix, though I don’t recommend watching anything


There is a new indiegogo project now available for New film that I’m scoring. It is a documentary about pet ownership in China, mostly concerning pet rescue people. There are also some darker moments in the film. Watch the trailer


The Thumber from Nathan Ross on Vimeo. This is the type of film I don’t normally post (as the soundtrack is very simply used), but I found it delightful.

Company in Hell

At least I’m not going to hell alone. Fans and Blowers (using “Motivator”) Thanks to Gabrielle for the Voice Over. If you have a voice-over need, you can hire her for your project! L. Gabrielle Penabaz on Twitter: @sainteve