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How do I decide what to post here? No clue. Usually I like well done shorts with a good story. Today, I found a squirrel shot on an iPhone on boingboing that I liked. Man, those guys are high-strung!

Black Peter – Executive Producers!

Black Peter is a dark comedy play written by Pat Quigley, and accompanied by the amazing musical compositions of… me. The show premieres this winter, starting right after Thanksgiving at the Stage Left Studio theater in mid town Manhattan, located

New Interview!

I just did an audio interview for Dave Dugdale at Dave is a very accessible expert on shooting video with your DSLR camera, and is a great guy just in general. I don’t know when the interview is going

Very Fun Animation

“Iron Horse”

Shanghai World Expo

“Living Voyage”. Video clips. So much nicer than slide shows. This guy should do tutorials on how to make these.

Leo Laporte

The president and current king of the internet Leo Laporte today announced that his stinger for himself was sort of lame… certainly not up to his regal standards. Here’s a shot at a better one. Leo! Leo Laporte! Leo, if