Category: Sightings

Drone drops leaflets over NSA facility in Germany

You want spys to quit their job? Take out billboards… and do this! Drop leaflets over their facility with a drone. I hope this works. I really, really do! Soundtrack is “Take a Chance” from 2013.

Source Music!

Here is a great little piece with good energy from Brett VanDonsel for use as source music in your next productions! (you can actually use it for anything you want.) Serious lo-fi aesthetic. Enjoy! Creative Commons (Attribution 4.0 International (CC

Manchester Mystery

Here’s a nifty new piece from Brett VanDonsel!

Star Warper

So, this the remix of a song about video games used IN a video game. Also, the game rocks! You get to phase out and phase back in to avoid things (and there are a LOT of bad things). Excellent

Another interview with me!? What?

It is for the official Patreon Podcast! Check it out here!

Audio Drama Production Interview!

I recently did an interview over at Audio Drama Production! My part starts at around 22 minutes – sorry about the audio quality.