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Some toe-tappin’! … Just kidding. They’re all creepy.

Shadowlands 1 – Horizon

Part one of seven. Sort of an edgy-underwater feel… which isn’t common. You can feel the struggle just trying to get the sounds out. Imagine a small rhinoceros at a tea party. The image you have in your head has nothing to do with this piece; But it is quite amusing.

Shadowlands 2 – Bridge

Part two of seven. Very close clusters of tones bring the tension! And that tension wanes and waxes without notice. If you want your audience to be concerned, this is how you do it.

Shadowlands 3 – Machine

Part three of seven. Part pipe organ, part broken pipe organ, this isn’t just spooky, it is crazy spooky. It also has a musical theme, which not all of this horror moody stuff has. Consider it the jelly filling in your horror doughnut.

Shadowlands 4 – Breath

Part four of seven. This is the pizza cutter of this series, round and edgy. It has a little bit of melodic complexity, but mostly it just sits around being creepy. Should work well under dialog.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

The average composer makes $4,800 per year

There is a lot of music out there. And the value of new works is going down. New pieces have an average commission of $1,800, and despite people looking for new commissions, there are less of them to be had.

According to the published results, the top 1% of composers are doing fine. Which makes sense, because the top 1% of everything is fine… because Zipf’s Law.

Interesting bit… the people who got the best commissions were not considered “established”. It could be that clients are looking for “new” sounds, or new composers can spend more time marketing themselves. (It could be half a hundred other things, but as a preliminary finding it is worth noting!)

The study doesn’t really apply to me or most people I know… we’re a part of a different kind of world of “Composing/Producing”. If you like a composer – please support them!

If you are a composer, and found an interesting way to make a living with your music, let me know. Most composers don’t have merch tables… maybe they should!

Check out the summary PDF here for more.


Setting up with a new Distributor, DistroKid. I’ve heard good things!


Ever Mindful

A different kind of relaxing piece with long but detailed harmonic complexity. I personally have a hard time with the drone-type of relaxing music. It doesn’t work for me. This one gives your mind something to think about… very very slowly.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Not Yet AI Music

I’ve been playing with a computer generating music. This is my first iteration – it does one very specific thing, and it is starting to sound okay. I taught it drumming myself with some VERY simple rules. It seems to be working out okay.

var counter = 2;
var accents = [9,1,2,1,8,2,3,2,9,2,1,2,8,3,5,4];
function HandleMIDI(event)
	var keeper = getRandomIntInclusive(1,3);
	var dropper = getRandomIntInclusive(1,9);
	var variations = getRandomIntInclusive(-20,40);
	if (event instanceof NoteOn && keeper < accents[counter] ){
		event.velocity += accents[counter]*2;
		if (dropper <= accents[counter])
			event.pitch = 38;
		else {event.pitch = 40}
	if (event instanceof NoteOff ){
	if (event instanceof NoteOn ){++counter;} 
	if (counter == 16){counter = 0;}
I'm going to be making this more general, and it will shortly have the ability to do crescendos, drops, and melodies... so - I don't need comments on my code quite yet. :-)

Take a listen!

Click through to SoundCloud to comment!

EU Political Soapbox

I don’t do this often, because… most of the time it doesn’t help. But if you’re in the EU, please consider a petition… because it may help!

While, it isn’t comprehensive copyright reform – education copyright reform in the EU should be a no-brainer! If you’re in the EU, please make the world suck a little less, and help get the world on a path to more reasonable copyright laws.

Call-to-action link to

“If a French music teacher wants to play her students a piece of contemporary music online, she might be unable to play the entire song in class.”

Good thing there is nothing else for the people of France to worry about at the moment. Seriously, though… please help out!