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Moderately Confusing!

Half Mystery

They make you think, but not too much. When you have a character in your film that is doing something, but we aren’t quite sure why, THIS is your track.
Packing a suitcase full of marshmallows? Half Mystery!
Wiring a toaster into the side of a city bus? Half Mystery!
Talking to their mother-in-law about monocot sexuality? Actually… that might be too much for this track.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Beauty Flow

Beauty Flow

Isn’t it amazing how compelling an old synthesizer can be when it is being run by an arpeggiator? There are so many subtle patterns that present. Before arpeggiators, we had to find patterns in our music by using corkboards, newspaper clippings, pushpins, coloured yarn, and 8×10 black and white glossy photos.

The percussion does change during this piece, but it won’t get in the way of your energetic interview.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Past Sadness

Past Sadness

We all need sadness sometimes. I have a sadness Loot-Box subscription.
This month, I got some get-well cards for babies, wilted iceberg lettuce,
a 1999 Gateway laptop, 3 popped balloons, and a die-hard Montreal Expos
fan. The service ships everything in an empty box of wine with a broken spigot.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Legion of Scorn (banging soundtrack)!

On sale today! Legion of Scorn!

Retro, twin-stick shooter based in sci-fi and cyberpunk roots. Battle through the Legion.exe research arena against the latest in military robotics technology. The only way to earn your freedom is to battle your way through countless waves of enemies and survive the Legion of Scorn!!

Legion of Scorn!!! For Windows! On Steam!

Legion of Scorn!!!! (on Steam)

Sadly, I only have a Mac, so I can’t play it… but here’s my review!

Graphics: ?
Gameplay: ?
Story: ?
Replay-ability: ?
Originality: ?

Full disclosure on the review… It is my music.

A New Era in Boxes?

Recently, reports have come in (Thanks, Tim S and Barry!) of new amazon box sizes. The 20 and the 70.

While Amazon Box 20 appears to be a replacement for the aging but popular A3 box, Amazon Box 70 is a new size.

A Catalog of Amazon Box Sizes

Both the 20 and 70 have the same height and depth (about 6 inches x 5 inches), and only differ in length (9 inches and 18 inches).

Is this part of a new series? Are there 50s out there? Box 40? Let me know if you know.

Virtual Instrument Sale – To April 9th, 2019

** Not sponsored, I just own this stuff. **

8Dio just dropped a pretty big sale ($140 down to $40) on their Clare line of virtual woodwind instruments.
I only have the Flute one, and it does have some significant issues. When you are doing legato lines, the notes will end abruptly. If you play individual notes, they will loop fine! Probably has something to do with how you program legato patches in Kontakt.
The interval jumps do sound good, and I like the messiness of the occasional key clicking.

One of my favorite things for this instrument is to take the flute down an octave (as heard above), it really gets chill down there, but keeps some of the neat pad clicking and other breath noises. I rate the 8Dio Clare Flute as “kinda fun”. 8Dio Clare isn’t going to replace my CineWinds Flute for flexibility.

If you’ve been waiting for a little more ‘organic’ sounding winds, and accept that it is going to take a lot more time to get it sounding right, Do it!
8Dio Flash Sale on Clare