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Do you see what I see?


There is a mystery that is unfolding, unraveling, being solved, confounding, being thought about, being copied, demanding attention, delighting, comforting, and feeding the dog treats that look like sausages and get your hands all oily.
Best for: Feature films where the protagonist thinks about a hard problem while walking at night in the neon-bathed entertainment district in Osaka in the rain in 1994.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Fresh Musics

Part 1: Nice

Here is a neat little piece from Brett VanDonsel.

To me, it feels like a carnival in the sky. Looking for the floating feeling for your game? Check it out!

You can license a loopable version as well.

Part 2: Horrible

I hate writing horror music. It makes me anxious and unsettled (or I’m doing it wrong). Lucky for me, OTHER people seem to be okay with writing this!

You can get this and lots of stuff over on Alexander’s Patreon page. $1/month for supporting a real musician? That’s less than a cup of fancy coffee PER YEAR. Recommended.

Part 3: Calming

I’ve been having a hell of a time finding good relaxing music. All the YouTube relaxation videos seem to be too involved and melodic. I want something more than ocean waves, but I don’t need full-on songs. I fixed it! I made this for me, but I hope you’ll find it useful as well.

Download River Flute.

This piece will be fully published to everywhere soon.

Madcap Allium Adventures!

Onion Capers

Hey buddy, that is quite the sack of onions you have! If I had a sack of onions like that, I’d be happier than a tree on Arbor Day! Everyone wants to get their hand in an onion sack like that.
Me? I like a nice purple onion, but you don’t get to pick favorites when you got your hand in an onion sack. A big yellow one can feel like a little purple one. You won’t know ’til you pull it out, and by then you already got yourself an onion.
I know most folks don’t want strangers mucking about in unfamiliar onion sacks these days, so I’ll be on my way. But, that is quite the sack of onions you have.

To perform the monolog “Onion Capers” at your school or event, speak the words out loud at your school or event.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

I got questions for you…

Crusade – Heavy Industry

Do you have recurring dreams of being an industrial roomba working in an ore processing facility? Do you make fantasy paintings and need some music for timelapses?
Do you go jog-hopping in low-gravity post-apocalyptic environments? Do you have opinions about eggs? Are you a monster who is in charge of other monsters? Did you work on a top-hat/sombrero assembly line? Are you starting a ferry line on the river Acheron to compete with Charon? Are you drafting epic legislation? Do you enjoy hitting dumpsters with sticks?
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Picard would approve!

Le Grand Chase

You never notice how effective a car horn is until you use it. I usually park my car near a sidewalk and alarm 7 year olds on their way to and from school. 7 year olds are your target market for this sort of thing. They jump like antelope! All the kids in my neighborhood are acclimatized, now. It isn’t as much fun.
You also never notice how effective a Picardy third is until you do it with car horns. You’re welcome.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Instant Classic!

Flying Kerfuffle

Happy happy, happy happiness. Happier, happiest? Happy. Now that the word has lost all meaning, take a listen to this thing. It is dripping with joy. Ever see a sad person on a jetski? Of course not. It isn’t possible. Similarly, you can’t listen to this and be sad. No Mortal Can! You can be angry at it, you can dislike it, but you can’t be sad because of it. What happens when you employ modern club music techniques on music for folk dances? This.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!