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Composerish: Building a Studio on the Cheap

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How has iTunes become less user friendly over the years.
Suggestions for what to spend hard earned money on when just starting to build a studio,
and the usefulness of real shakers!

Amadeus Pro
Shaker Egg Set

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Composerish: Steel Drums

Kevin compares steel drum libraries from 8dio and Spitfire. Then we discuss getting a license to legally distribute a cover song, and then discuss the weird cultural appropriation of Tiki aesthetic.


Show Links:

The Piano Forever

Pearl Mallet Station

Steel Drum Sample Tracks

Spitfire Steel Drums

8Dio Steel Drums

Harry Fox Agency


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Composerish: The Podcast

Want to hear me talk EVERY MONDAY? Composerish: The podcast where Kevin MacLeod and Bryan Teoh talk about composer-ish things like virtual instruments, cocktails, and public transportation.


Best Video!

This is seriously the best documentary I’ve seen on me.

Dawn of “Composerish”

I got a new podcast “Composerish” wherein Kevin MacLeod and Bryan Teoh talk about composer issues.
In this issue: Bongos, sample pack sales, and the Agricole Daiquiri.

All the music in this episode is free to use… not that you’d want to.

Why am I craving an Aperol spritz?

Night in Venice

Just your run of the mill nice jazz; processed to sound a lot older than it is.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!