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Incompetech is a stupid website. It is such a stupid site that no one in their right mind would start it today. But here it is, and it is still getting better! (There is quite a lot of room for improvement, so that’s nice.)

I’m working to update the music and get more better music out there. I’m also working to meet the changing needs of the graph paper people.

Come and be a part of the improbable, adorable site. Support me on Patreon! I’m shooting for $1500 a month. When I hit $1500 a month… nothing specific will happen. I don’t like promising future things.


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Log Graph Paper Update

Logarithmic Graph Paper is back and better than ever! I would like to thank an anonymous Belgian Log-Graph-Paper enthusiast for the suggestions.

Improvements include:
– Aspect Ratio of “Fill page”, or “Square”
– Simpler line thickness selector with better defaults
– X and Y axis selectors have been simplified, and only show relevant information
– Minor cosmetic changes
– Saved filename updated

Graph Paper Upgraded to Level 3!

It is a new dawn. It is a new day for incompetech graph paper generators!

New layouts, new colors, new examples, new categories. Lot of new.

Of special note to me is the incredibly updated document size selector.
Who knew “Junior Legal” was a thing! The color picker is also pretty good.

There are a lot more improvements on the white board, but today’s update was a significant one!
Email me with errors, please! (I can’t have caught them all.)

Grooving to the goal!


Featured loops from DarkNES (whom I recently read about on Wikipedia!)
Hey, man! Is that an Atoke? Hells yeah, its an Atoke! If I could choose of any shape of percussion – I’m going to choose “Taco-shaped percussion”. There is no other feeling quite like beating your metal taco with a stick. I wish this description were more fictional than it actually is.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

371 Days to Halloween!

I know you all like to plan ahead, so here’s your Three Hundred Seventy Days’ Notice!

I bet a lot of you are scanning the internet right now for some scary music. You like to plan ahead!

To make it easier for you we’re currently displaying this Halloween piece in our shop window.
“Creative Commons 0”

Creepy HallowTime: 1:59

Written by Alexander Nakarada. “Stranger things have happened. Haunted things. Light and creeeeepy with beautiful production quality. This music is available for commercial and non-commercial purposes.”

Download at:

Blipping in the Glade

Northern Glade

Are you sick of “high pressure” games that “keep score”? Yeah, me too. But I FIXED it!
I made a game where literally nothing happens, and nothing matters! I enjoy playing as a chicken, though it grants you no special powers. I’m not sure what chicken powers would be. Brief and ponderous flight? Speak to other chickens? Super fast egg warming?
You can experience “Northern Glade” here:

TIP! Blue torches set the world to night; as does raising the dead.
TIP! Orange torches set the world to day.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!