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371 Days to Halloween!

I know you all like to plan ahead, so here’s your Three Hundred Seventy Days’ Notice!

I bet a lot of you are scanning the internet right now for some scary music. You like to plan ahead!

To make it easier for you we’re currently displaying this Halloween piece in our shop window.
“Creative Commons 0”

Creepy HallowTime: 1:59

Written by Alexander Nakarada. “Stranger things have happened. Haunted things. Light and creeeeepy with beautiful production quality. This music is available for commercial and non-commercial purposes.”

Download at:

Blipping in the Glade

Northern Glade

Are you sick of “high pressure” games that “keep score”? Yeah, me too. But I FIXED it!
I made a game where literally nothing happens, and nothing matters! I enjoy playing as a chicken, though it grants you no special powers. I’m not sure what chicken powers would be. Brief and ponderous flight? Speak to other chickens? Super fast egg warming?
You can experience “Northern Glade” here:

TIP! Blue torches set the world to night; as does raising the dead.
TIP! Orange torches set the world to day.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Nothing like home-grown shrubberies!

Magic Scout – Farm

Farm is part of a 4-part video game experience.
You can experience “Farm” here:
It even works on most phones!

TIP! Crops regrow faster than weeds.
TIP! Once a rock is magicked away, it is gone forever. Stay clear if you want to keep it!

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Breakfast in the solarium, m’lord?

Magic Scout – Manor

This one is a little more peppy than the others in this video experience album. Still very very blippy, though. 9.7/10 on the blippiness scale.

You can experience “Manor” in a “game” here:
TIP! You can magic barrels, but they lose potency after a while.
TIP! Building certain plinths restarts the music.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Would you like to sample my wares?


You know the old phrase “as relaxing as a toaster”? They meant any electrical machine, really. I think if a toaster were to make relaxing music this is it.

You can experience “Cottages” in a game-like setting here:

TIP! The big black mushroom stops the music.
TIP! Run in to trees to refoliate.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Magic Scout

Well, this thing I made isn’t exactly a game. But it also isn’t not a game.
It is an experience.

Giant black mushrooms stop the soundtrack.
Barrels are not bugged. Nor do they do anything useful.
The chickens are also fine.