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EDM Detection Mode

This is a sort of electronic music with a heavy backbeat and thumpin’ bass. There is a significant change in theme at around 2 minutes – so if the beginning is a bit boring, you can start there. There is another fun change at around 3:30. If you didn’t like the previous bits, just start there! I think you get the picture.

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here.

Since I know you’re going to ask, “EDM” stands for “EDM Detection Mode”. This came from an improvisation I had over Google Hangouts with someone a few weeks ago.

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Stuff Review! Sumo Onmi Plus Beanbag Chair

Right off the bat, let’s get something straight. This is not a beanbag chair… like the kind you remember from your childhood. It isn’t filled with those crappy little pellets that get all over everything. It has some sort of shredded foam. As for the ‘chair’ nomenclature, it isn’t quite that either. It can be a multiperson seating piece. It can be a giant pillow. It can be a bed. I shall call this “Amorphous Furniture”!

Oh, it is big. Really big. I put a bottle of Fernet in the photo for scale.
The cover is way better than it appears on the site… and it looks pretty nice on the site.

I have a mezzanine in my apartment with very low ceilings, so I figured this would be great to help make use of that space. Regular furniture just doesn’t fit. Amorphous Furniture does fit! (once you figure out how to get it up there)

There is a downside to Amorphous Furniture. It doesn’t have a form. Once you sit in a comfortable position, you have about 15 minutes before it becomes a form that is less comfortable. Maintaining a mostly upright position gives you a core workout.

Let’s say you would like a nice glass of Fernet. You can’t put this close to a side table. It is Amorphous and will eat your table eventually. You can’t put the Fernet on the floor… for long.

Hanging out with friends and chatting? Well, staying upright for any length of time is rough. I put this up against a wall and put a pillow there for some support. It seems to work pretty well. Hanging out with one very close friend and looking to ignore a movie? Total win!

I’ve invented another use. I sleep under it. It is like a 42 pound blanket. Which is unwieldy… and awesome.

Sumo Onmi Plus Beanbag Chair Available at:
Cost: ~$200 – shipping included.

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Daily Beetle

People have asked about the title of this. I thought it was fun to say, and sounded like a local newspaper.

We have ways of making you happy! This is one of them. Super catchy mid-tempo grooving ukulele-driven happy music. Useful for: feel-good stories, sentimental retrospectives, Minecraft montages, shark attacks, coming of age stories, cooking shows, and baby raves.
You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here!

This piece featured the guitarations of Brett Van Donsel. (@BVanDonsel)

Here’s an extra piece from him that you can also use in your productions. (See YouTube descriptions for crediting information).

You can use to get an mp3.

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Stuff Review! SX-150

The SX-150 Mark 2 is an analog synth. You set some knobs, grab the metal pencil-like thing and touch the strip on the bottom. It gives you about 4.5 octaves of range depending on where you touch it. I’m assuming you already hit the play button above to hear what it sounds like. I was quite surprised at exactly how clean the output of this little thing is. It gives a wide array of early doctor-who sounding effects, which is quite cool.

Awesome things:
– It is really cheap. I got mine for $21.50 on amazon.
– It is really fun. Even if you don’t know what the knobs do… they all do something, and it is a blast just fiddling.
– It can sound like a robot! The touch strip is pretty expressive.
– It will annoy your family and friends (and possibly confuse your pets).
– Built in speaker!

Less than awesome things:
– The knobs are not super well made – I expect good knobs in a two thousand dollar instrument… I guess this is what you get for 20 bucks!
– Manual stickers – You need to put all the stickers on yourself. I guess if you’re a sticker person, this is a plus.
– The built-in speaker is ALWAYS ON. You can’t practice with headphones.

You should absolutely get this if you’re doing sound design on a retro video game. You get super street cred for using a real analog synth, and it is way more fun than debugging level 5.

You should probably get this if it just sounds like fun to play with… because it is… and it is only $20.

If you are annoyed by the demo, and this unit will be accessible to 12-year-olds who live with you… DO NOT GET THIS! It is addictive and does not have an easy learning curve for producing beautiful music. So you’re going to be up at all hours listening to bleeps. You have been warned!

Requires 4 AA Batteries (not included).

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Infinite Perspective!

All the beauty, awe and calm majesty you can handle… without a permit or prescription medication.
The download comes with a faster and slower bonus tempo as well as the original sketch on marimba that was used in making this piece!
You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here!

I wrote this one for hanging out in orbit of KSP. You can use it for whatever you want!

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Level Up!

Too cool for school! This is a warm and refreshing, yet invigorating piece of 8-bit-like wonderfulness. Lots of modern blipping and bleeping once it gets going. I imagine this piece can be used in a lot of computer games about computer games. Loops perfectly for all you video game devs out there!

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here!

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