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Exit the Premises

Big drums start with piece to reveal that they were not establishing the downbeat. Tight synth percussion and 8-bit inspired synths make this piece downright danceable! And who doesn’t like a giant 80s synth? Or a 90s chip tunes synth? Or a modern synth? We gots them all!

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here!

Bonus trivia for this piece! This is actually a part of a remix what will be released later this year! I can’t say who it is remixing just yet… but it is really cool.

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Carnival Intrigue

Is it a samba? Probably. It also depends on how broadly you define a samba. Percussion comes in heavy later in the piece with a pile of street drummers for a thicker feel. I’m having a hard time describing the exact groove of this piece. “Slightly whiter than average samba”?

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here!

Lord of Shadows

Here’s an exotic-sounding high-energy piece piece from the Sleep Facing West blog. See that site for attribution details. This is also free to use!

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Sleep Facing West

Right now, there are four pieces here (Free/Attribution) – but this looks REALLY promising! I’m going to have to pick up my game, it seems! :-)

Related blog: Sleep Facing West

Download them all, but remember where you got them from when it comes time to attribute!

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Dreams Become Real

I know it is late… and Tuesday, but that is no reason to go without new music!

Beautiful dreamy piece that confuses times and spaces. You really just need to take a moment and listen to this one – because it is really cool. How cool? You should probably find out! There are a lot of extra synth things going on in it that are hidden in and amongst the piano, like one of those hidden picture books with 45 paperclips, but you can only ever see 7 of them.

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here!
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EDM Detection Mode

This is a sort of electronic music with a heavy backbeat and thumpin’ bass. There is a significant change in theme at around 2 minutes – so if the beginning is a bit boring, you can start there. There is another fun change at around 3:30. If you didn’t like the previous bits, just start there! I think you get the picture.

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here.

Since I know you’re going to ask, “EDM” stands for “EDM Detection Mode”. This came from an improvisation I had over Google Hangouts with someone a few weeks ago.

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Stuff Review! Sumo Onmi Plus Beanbag Chair

Right off the bat, let’s get something straight. This is not a beanbag chair… like the kind you remember from your childhood. It isn’t filled with those crappy little pellets that get all over everything. It has some sort of shredded foam. As for the ‘chair’ nomenclature, it isn’t quite that either. It can be a multiperson seating piece. It can be a giant pillow. It can be a bed. I shall call this “Amorphous Furniture”!

Oh, it is big. Really big. I put a bottle of Fernet in the photo for scale.
The cover is way better than it appears on the site… and it looks pretty nice on the site.

I have a mezzanine in my apartment with very low ceilings, so I figured this would be great to help make use of that space. Regular furniture just doesn’t fit. Amorphous Furniture does fit! (once you figure out how to get it up there)

There is a downside to Amorphous Furniture. It doesn’t have a form. Once you sit in a comfortable position, you have about 15 minutes before it becomes a form that is less comfortable. Maintaining a mostly upright position gives you a core workout.

Let’s say you would like a nice glass of Fernet. You can’t put this close to a side table. It is Amorphous and will eat your table eventually. You can’t put the Fernet on the floor… for long.

Hanging out with friends and chatting? Well, staying upright for any length of time is rough. I put this up against a wall and put a pillow there for some support. It seems to work pretty well. Hanging out with one very close friend and looking to ignore a movie? Total win!

I’ve invented another use. I sleep under it. It is like a 42 pound blanket. Which is unwieldy… and awesome.

Sumo Onmi Plus Beanbag Chair Available at:
Cost: ~$200 – shipping included.

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