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Meanwhile in Bavaria

Technically, it isn’t a polka – though you can certainly dance to it. This recording is perfect for all your Octoberfest needs! Okay, not all your needs. I mean… this piece of music won’t get you a beer… but it should help you to drink the beer, so I guess that’s something. Wait. Is ‘beer’ a need? Yeah, I think it might be.

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Blip Stream

You love this, and you know it! It is a little bit simple and a lot bit complicated. Inspired by the days of the video games and early computer music. You can download the uncompressed version of this with separate parts here!

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This House

Looking for the feel-good hit of the summer that you keep humming all year long? This is NOT that song! Man, not even close.

Delightfully creepy, this piece is really difficult to listen to without squirming a bit. I blame the violins… as we all should. Perfect for any scene where something just ain’t right! You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here. Comes with individual parts so you can make your own subtle creepy mixes!

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Funky Chunk

Get down with the ‘get down’! A very clean sort of funk thing. Appropriate for a widevariety of exciting sorts of things, including funky dance parties, car washing (dance parties), barbecuing (dance parties), and colonoscopy (dance parties). You can download the uncompressed version here!

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Manchester Mystery

Here’s a nifty new piece from Brett VanDonsel!

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Star Warper

So, this the remix of a song about video games used IN a video game. Also, the game rocks!
You get to phase out and phase back in to avoid things (and there are a LOT of bad things). Excellent mechanic, super fun. Try it out!

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