Ode to Joy

Part 1: I am a fan.
I found out about a great accordion player named Alex Meixner last year from a YouTube video he did in Pennsylvania. Alex Meixner is the most exciting, innovative, and proficient accordion player on the planet. And he puts on a brilliant show.

Music effects emotion. My job is writing music that makes people feel the way I want them to feel. Alex makes people feel pure joy. You cannot take in a performance and feel anything else.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to see a performance in Pulaski, Wisconsin and it went exactly how I expected it to go.

Pulaski Polka Days is a thing… if you’re into polkas. Good bands come to play polkas, and people dance. When Alex Meixner took the stage, the dance floor emptied. He was not a background music act. By the end of the first set, people realized that this was not a normal “polka band”. This was an amazing band. The floor became crowded again, but with people watching the band.

Part 2: Performance

“Giving energy” is one of the most difficult things for a performer to do. You have to be so much more excited and interesting than your audience to get them on your side. It isn’t easy to rock-out on a crowd of people who don’t know who you are and don’t care about “rocking-out” themselves. If you’re good enough, it can be done.

The Alex Meixner band had some well timed fireworks. People love fast playing. They also did some non-standard rep, like “Sweet Child ‘o Mine” and “Devil Went Down to Georgia”. Bringing subtleties and dynamics into a live high-energy performance is what make the shows amazing.

Part 3: Shows.

If you’re in the Chicago or Milwaukee areas, go see a show this week. I don’t care if you don’t care about polkas. Go see a top performer. Have some joy! :-)

He’s also pretty decent with a natural trumpet. He might not be on the bill at Boston Baroque, but it would be a reasonable audition!

Let me know if you’d like me to post a video of me playing “Sweet Child ‘o Mine” on the accordion.

New country

Well, it happened. I finally assembled another country piece… why? Because everyone uses my music and the last country piece I did was years ago… and it is ubiquitous. So… that annoyed me.

Also, I just upgraded to Band-in-a-Box 2014 and decided to take it for a demo spin!

This is the result.

You can buy the uncompressed version here.

Early Riser

I don’t do a lot of “music that works with rap” because many people are jerks.

The age-old story looks like this:
– Person needs a rap backing track
– Oh! This is free!
– [record, record, record]
– Person releases their new rap track on iTunes and Amazon!
– new rap track gets placed in YouTube’s ContentID system
– thousands of people get their YouTube videos claimed by the jerk that released the rap music
– I get dozens of bewildered emails
– I take legal actions, and no video producers ever get their ad money back

Any series of events that ends with “I take legal actions” is a series of events that I would like to avoid.
So, if you do indeed use this and want to sell your track – Follow the CC license exactly, it is possible to do it correctly… but you need to be very careful!

Want a faster version?
Get it here.
Want a version without the drums?
Make it from these.

Normal free download with CC license is available in the Music section!

Cheers, all!