Christmas Time; Horrors; and Sadness

Nothing is more fun during a record heatwave than recording Christmas music. I’m used to it – it happens every year.

A piece that I classified as “horror” which was written for a new audio drama… which isn’t horror.

I need to come up with a better way to categorize these. It is getting out of hand. There’s another piece online called Pride… I forget what page it is on.
There you go, everbodys! Five new pieces today. And four more that I should have uploaded but was too lazy. They’re piano solos – I’ll get them up in a bit.

Yearly Calendar Upgrade

A long-time formatting issue with the dates on the Yearly Calendar PDFs have been fixed!
Also, the problem has been fixed with 0-byte length returns on the yearly calendars, so you get them more reliably now with browser plug-ins.
I’m also going to announce that some news features are coming to the Monthy calendars… so if you’ve been waiting – they’re just around the corner! I will say that no other online calendar has these features, and that they have been on my to-do list for over 9 months!

Falcon Byron TV Flash!

Audio Dramas: The Falcon Banner
New Episode online; #5. It has music that I composed for eps 2 and 4 in it – because I didn’t have the time to provide a full new score. Very nice edits. I’m really into this story – but the book is $18 plus shipping… Maybe I’ll get it if I’m super impulsive one of these days.
Audio Dramas: Byron Chronicles
Remember when I said I was busy? I was doing some of these. Episodes 1 and 2 are online. Ep 2 is hilarous.
Uh… I’m not sure what this is exactly (internet-based media channel?), but it has some of the same score from the Byron Chronicles in it.
Somewhere on this site there is a presentation with my music… I’ve not found it yet. Oh well.

Polka / Durge

Ever wake up in the morning and think; “I want to write a super-crazy polka!”? Oh, come on… Seriously? Never? Well… I’m not weird if that’s what you think. They’ve been running radio ads for a polka-fest in my area – they must have gotten into my brain early on.

And the other new piece today makes me wonder how my head doesn’t explode from the contrast.
This is the proof-of-concept piece I did for an upcoming series. It went well, so maybe the others will make it up here… but the new ones’ll be better. This was a 3-track impromptu.

Nice Atmospheric

I’ve been busy, but not everything is online. I’ve done 5 commission pieces and a musical this last week, but here’s some pieces for you – the loving public.

“Bathed in the Light” is a simple airy synth piece I did in Garage Band with my new MIDI controller, the Axiom 61. I’ve waited a long time for this controller, and it is all it is cracked up to be. It is the best MIDI controller for real-time performances I’ve ever seen. The only downside is that is doesn’t come with a manual – I had to download one. Why, M-Audio? Why would you not include a printed manual?
The piano solo is an old one I recorded 8 years ago on a dull-dull sounding Steinway. It sounds ok, but I like the brighter-sounding pianos these days.

31 minutes; Fun for all

I know, it has been almost a week since my last update. I’ve been slacking. All I have to show for it is nine new tracks totalling 31 minutes.
In the Horror Genre I did five new background pads; Heart of the Beast, Inner Sanctum, It is Lost, Spacial Winds, and The Voices. I also put up a children’s song… because it was creepy. Few things in life are as creepy as a corrupted children’s song. Someone is bound to build a horror movie around that thing.

I also took a request for a crazy funky piece of music like what might be found in a certain genre of 1970′s… cinema (most probably Super-8 format)? That one is called C-Funk. I personally like ProtoFunk a little better for that sort of thing. But you can take your pick.

In the piano section, I found an old piece that I thought I put online ages ago. Sapphire Isle.

And now – the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The best contemporary piano solo in existence!
That’s right. How often do I say something is ‘the best’? Or even ‘great’? Never. That is why you should listen to me. Here is my one piece of hype for me – a composition destined to become the Fur Elise of this century: easy to play, elegant, and most of all beautiful.
Money back is not impressed.
(oh boy, I’m going to get mail on this one!)

Variation on Egmont

More odd music.

This is possibly the most accurate and worst title of my career. It is an electronic-soaked variation of a theme or 2 from Beethoven’s Egmont Overture. If you know the original work, and recognize the title, you’ll probably download and not like the piece – because it doesn’t have any of the brilliance of Beethoven’s pacing.
If you like dance/techno, you probably won’t download this because the title makes it look like something classical.
It has a weird polyrhythm feel because the Overture theme is in a different time signature than the rest of this piece. I did change up the theme in bits and parts, but I mainly kept the off-time feel. You can let it wash over you and be fine – if you think too hard about it – it gets… tough.
Ending is open to mix into your stuff cleanly.

Woo! Rock and Roll!

Its new music!

Yes, I know… quite a stunning title.
Starting scant days ago, I just got better reporting softwares for my web site. It is now apparent that people like the rock music… which is interesting – because I’m not very good at it, or at least I don’t _think_ I’m very good at it.
I don’t understand rock. I don’t understand what people like about rock. I just plain don’t get it.
What’s the difference between a good rock piece and a weak piece? I don’t know. If there was a seminar on the matter, I would probably attend. It might be one of those things you have to be brought up with to understand.
If anyone would like to forward their theory of rock music production to me, that’d be great. I have a feeling much of it will revolve around singing and lyrics, though.