Cross-plot grid PDF Generator

Ok, I don’t know what to call this thing. I got a request for this today, and it was pretty simple to do. I’ve seen these types of grid with data plots before. Be careful with this, as it can add a lot of visual clutter to your data if done wrong. I recommend light colors and thin lines. But you can do whatever you want…

Super Reorganization

The entire royalty-free music section of my site is revamped. I’ve been working on setting this up for a couple of weeks. It isn’t complete, but it is better than what I had – so I switched it.
It is now database-driven, and has a simple search engine. So if you’re looking for a Calming and Eerie piece of music, you can take your pick from six I currently have online!
Eventually, you’ll be able to search and sort on tempo, instrumentation, and keyword (as well as genre and feel).
I think I got everything right. If you find a problem, please let me know!

Podcast Mania

I’m really getting around these days. If you’re into tech podcasts, you’ll recognize these. Diggnation, Infected w/ Martin Sargent, and Indigital. I just need to get in with Leo Laport, and I’ll have most everything covered.
In other news, I have music in A&E’s upcoming special on Madonna, Blame Society’s Fun Rangers, and a radio drama – Father Brown Mysteries available in the US on XM and Sirius, and I think BBC radio in the UK.
Fun stuff.

Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions

It’s fun time, everbody! I recently picked up a keyboard. It is kind of old, but no worries. It is a Technics KN700. Just today I found the best setting ever. Style #10: Folk Rock. You’ll recognize it as Wesley Willis’ favorite auto-music generator. These don’t really fit with the rest of my music, so I didn’t link them off of any page.

I still don’t have the “fill button” skills down, but if you enjoy one of the few men who has his own genre, you will enjoy these tracks.
It seems the KN700 is the same vintage as Willis’ KN1200, but it doesn’t have the auto harmonizer that you hear in songs like “Kill Whitey”


Ok. I made a ringtone. Were this a normal ringtone, I’d hate myself. But this isn’t. It makes other people not want to answer your phone. Also – it isn’t annoying in a theater. Who would suspect? Get it (right-click “save link as” to download it.)
Please don’t email me asking for support. This is an mp3. If your phone takes something else – this won’t work. No, I don’t know how to get it on your phone. I just transfer with bluetooth, so that’s all I know… but I’m not even going to support that.

Electronica Jam II

A revision and a new piece today. It seems that the uber-happy synth line from Shiny Tech has been done before. A lot. It was pointed out by my friend Kelly that a very very similar line appears in Trainspotting when they go to London. She brought over the DVD. Indeed, the line is very similar. Anyway, I did a retake – and pulled down the ‘pop’ on it.
The new piece is my favorite so far (of these kinds of things). Harmful or Fatal. It has speed guitar in it, but it behaves alongside and in compliment to an electronic instrument. I need an audio engineering degree – because this isn’t as loud of a mix as I would have liked. I’m missing something. The length of this one got out of hand, but it really requires the time to develop. It might be even better longer.