Groove Grove

With composer commentary:

Just the music:

Groove Grove

The idea for this piece is background music for ethereal storytelling.
It’s a little chill, and it is able to carry interest through large vocal pauses like this….
Ok here’s the layers it is constructed in. The Bass drum/bass is a sine wave, played in a few different notes. Way over in the top we have the high hat which has got quite a bit of reverb on it to give it that crazy ethereal thing.
This: is white noise, effected with a cabinet rotor – like a Leslie rotor – and panned here and there.
There is a woodblock in there (Krin). It gives it a very earthy thing, which is the sort of human part of it which contrasts to the melody which is going on in a crazy super-electronic synth stack.
The synth stack is also enjoying some side-chain compression – we’ll be hearing more of that later.
The final element is electric piano.
And there you can hear the side-chain compression going on in the stacked synth. It is hard to hear the side-chain compression when the woodblock is also playing because the woodblock is the thing that triggers the volume reduction on the main synth.

Dub-esque and Super-Chill

I am not kidding about the super chill music.
Drone in D is a very very very chill piece clocking in at over 21 minutes in length.
The interesting thing is most of the time, it is not in a Western scale. It goes D to D with an F sharp and a B flat. Anyone know the name of that? I sure don’t. Good effects, though.
UPDATE! The scale is called Hindustan.
And the Reggae Dub stuff…
Dub Feral and Dub Eastern
I didn’t know which version I liked better, so I just released both of them. They work for different purposes. If you have dialog – use Dub Eastern. No dialog, you can use either.
Cheers, all!