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Drone drops leaflets over NSA facility in Germany

You want spys to quit their job? Take out billboards… and do this! Drop leaflets over their facility with a drone. I hope this works. I really, really do! Soundtrack is “Take a Chance” from 2013.

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The Lift

A little trance-y and a dance-y, this piece takes a while to develop (like most EDM things these days). The full width of the piece is realized around 1:40. Not so much a drop and a gentle trip down a

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Danger Storm

So this one sounds like what is sounds like. The high quality download has a few bonus mixes. The Tin Mix is excellent for small speakers. The Phased Mix is like… sort of groovy, man. The 90 mix is a

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Crowd Hammer

Originally written as an establishing shot for a psychological thriller. This has a very earthy/folky feel about it. Little slow, little edgy… I don’t know. Take a listen. I mean, I’ll keep trying to describe this but, I’m not doing

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Vi Hart – Happy “Happy Birthday” Day!

Vi Hart knocks it out of the park with the excellent explanation of what’s going on with the new “Happy Birthday” copyright ruling. Highly recommended!

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Upbeat Forever

Ska! Ska! Ska! At least, I hope it gives that impression. Works pretty well for a lively background to most anything! This was written for an improv comedy group… so they would have something reasonable to sing to – if

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