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Quite a broad piece. Could be used for corporate films of intricate industrial processes, or a flashback scene to the time at the lake a few summers ago. Maybe good background to your cousin’s magic show at the last family

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Furious Freak

Starts thin and explodes suddenly and massively around the 44-second mark. The uncompressed download also comes with a cut where it starts out big. I’m assuming it will be used for the outro parts of videos. You can download the

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Professor Umlaut

This piece started its life as a random challenge on a show I do on called “The Wheels of Doom!”. The 4 randomized elements that came together here were: Drum Machine, Strings, Xylophone, and Comedic. I think it worked

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Thief in the Night

Laid-back, grooving, and cool. Did I mention cool? You need a cool piece. That is a statement you NEED a cool piece. Lucky for you, this IS a cool piece. Super clean production will allow this piece to fit into

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Floating Cities

It is the future? It certainly sounds like it… What would I use this for? Probably a video game with non-action gameplay. Certainly a montage of some futuristic film… or maybe one of those sandwiched scenes where a person is

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Royalty-Free Music Bundle!

There is about a day left on the pay-what-you-want music bundle! You can get it here! Looks like some cool stuff in there… all for about $4!

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