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It Came From the 1940s!!!

A piece of music from a more elegant time, 1940. This is a beautiful slow piece that will make you want to pick up some champagne and go off slow dancing with people… or penguins. I like penguins. And now

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America! Merica! USA! [beat] USA! [beat] USA!!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for patriotic music over the last week, so I’ll just post this here… I am not writing new music… because I don’t have to! There is some great stuff in the public domain

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Another interview with me!? What?

It is for the official Patreon Podcast! Check it out here!

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Audio Drama Production Interview!

I recently did an interview over at Audio Drama Production! My part starts at around 22 minutes – sorry about the audio quality.

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Headmaster in VR!

Just found out about this little trailer for a Sony VR game. Very cool looking! The piece was “One Eyed Maestro”, Available Here!

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Roller Rink Bassa

You got a need for some happy today? Of course you do! New CC:By piece from Brett Vandonsel! You might have to contact him for the free download… because I think he forgot to put up the download button. :-)

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