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I think I wrote this piece last week. It sounds pretty foreign to me… I don’t remember much of it at all. Nice, though! I think it is a nice piece. I know I didn’t write this for any specific

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Rattlesnake Railroad

Many people ask me to do Western music all the time… And today, my friend did a awesome piece! You can get alternate versions, high quality mixes, and a Creative Commons license with this piece here!

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Nano Hoedown

When circuits throw a party, I imagine it sounds something like this. They can be a bit hyperactive at times. The super download comes with a more calm version at 120 beats per minute, and a crazy fast version at

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Off the deep end

I’ve been working quite a lot recently… while doing emails, I got this gem and went a little nuts. I should maybe take a nap soon…

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Big broad sound certain to give a sense of rockin’ wonder! It switches back and forth between faster guitar-driven sections and majestic horn sections. I know – it sounds like it won’t work, but it totally DOES work. Just imagine

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Bumba Crossing

Sparse and beautiful, this piece has a major change in tone at 2:27, moving to a more energetic feel without destroying what came before. Voluminous choirs support the piece at various moments. They also let the drums stand on their

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