Author: Kevin MacLeod

Taco Cat

Symmetry This piece has a good beat and you can dance to it… assuming you are a dark, lurking horror with a betentacled face and an urge to consume life forces. You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Mega Aggro Calm!!!!11!!1!!!

River Flute I enjoy relaxing background music things. I looked out into the world for this music, and there was a lot of music, but none of it was right. When I want calm – this is the kind of

And then I found $5!

Midnight Tale Gather ’round the tavern’s fire and I will share a tale for as long as I have ale. Hah! “Tale and ale!” I’m not guaranteeing rhymes, though. That was a coincidence. I was playing lute for an uninterested

Expelliarm… oooh! Donuts!

Magistar The portal to my wizarding school is at the back of a payday loan place in Windsor, Ontario. It isn’t quite as cool as that magic train station, but the loan place is open late. There is also a

Do You Like Waterslides?

Leaving Home You are now entering a new world of possibilities. Let’s face it, that last world sucked. Sure, it LOOKED like there were possibilities, but once it was proven that free will didn’t exist, things got strange. No one

Super Happy Sparkle Time!

Glitter Blast Ukulele and flutes and glockenspiel… I think you already know what this sounds like. The percussion is also adorable. You can download the full uncompressed files here!