Author: Kevin MacLeod

Calculator One!

Calculator One! for iPad. Lots of people don’t know that the iPad doesn’t come with a calculator. If you’ve tried getting a calculator, you will quickly discover the horrors of some developers. The ads, costs, and subscriptions for the most

Ever found a good stick? Like… a really good one?

I Got a Stick Funky Horns? Funk! Funky Guitar? Funk! Funky Bass? Funk! Funky Drumming? Double Funk!! Vocals: James Gavins. Uncopyrightable Lyrics: (“I got a stick.”) James Gavins and Kevin MacLeod Arrangement and instruments: Bryan Teoh

How the music is made…

Thanks to Bryan for sending me this video!

What’s up with Facebook?

I’ve been getting several emails about my music being muted on Facebook. I didn’t do this, and I’m not sure why it started. So far, I’ve have not been able to figure out who is claiming the music. If you

Well, go on. Get up there. … Scoot!

Journey to Ascend Jamming on some cheap percussion with some friends and a click track. Recommended uses for this track: Tiki bar, Museum exhibit of a bear, On hold music for an adventure bike tour company, Street festival in Monrovia

The holidays beg for a little relaxation…

Ethereal Relaxation Meditation Tips: 1) Get comfortable. Maybe try sitting on a chair, or the ground. 2) Breathe. Why are you holding your breath? That won’t help. 3) Relax. Stop fighting the bear. You two can fight later. 4) Close