Author: Kevin MacLeod

Slightly spooky, all waltzy!

Grand Dark Waltz (Allegro) Whilst learning to waltz, I noticed that the music wasn’t flowing exactly with the explanations of how to move – so I fixed it. This piece overemphasizes the first beat with a hard slide in on

Also comes in Unscented!!!

Joey’s Formal Waltz It’s your Grade 10 Formal and no one is dancing. All the usual cliques are in all the usual places, and questions are spinning around in your head… Would Alex actually dance with me? How can I

Mesmerizing waters…

While not an official release, I thought I’d share a bit of progress on my “tropical misty waterfall paludarium”. I really love that mist. There is also simple piano music included, so you can get more relaxation per minute (RPM).

Old Style Swing

You may enjoy this piece more with the following items: – A hat with a feather in it – A cocktail containing white vermouth – Slightly uncomfortable but awesome shoes Free Download (Click on “…More”)

Coffee table HAD to ruin the vibe…

Late Night Radio You know when you’re at a friend’s house overnight for an experimental airplane convention and there are people sleeping on various sofas, so you don’t want to turn on the lights – but then you run your

The hottest new club in NYC is…

Ethernight Club 2am. It is raining and there is a line outside the noodle place. A dim red glow comes up from the next staircase down; you hear a hypnotic pulse. Looking down, you see there’s a propped-open door with