Urban Gauntlet

Action-y intense like percussion based piece. Need to defuse a bomb while riding in a pedi-cab? This should work well for that. Or anything where tension needs to be maintained.

Music Survey!

Survey results are in, and here’s what it looks like!

The Blue lines are what people found most useful…
The Green Lines are what people thought other people will like more!

Apart from the things you can see in the data (like lots of people like Anamalie, but they don’t think other people will) I have learned the following:

There are a lot more video game and software developers out there than I thought.
At least one person can live on the web while running “noscript”.
Very few people lobby congress… but I knew that already.
And *Hugs* back at you! (to you? with you? I’m not good at hugging.)

Destiny Day!

The The Contemporary Classical Composer’s Bullshit Generator gave me the following paragraph. I wrote a piece for it… Enjoy!

My work has been seminal in the development of ‘structuredly-non-linear symmetrical-music’, a highly intellectual, and rather repetitive genre. My newest piece studies, experiences and isomorphically dominates a variety of structured tension-hemiolas. In short, the method must never present the sound-world. I never examine continuities, despite the fact that any gesture or non-linearity can be, and has been interpreted as a rather orchestrally-monophonic set of ‘canon-aerophones’. In my most recent work, vibrations, materials and rhythmic oscillations are all used within chaotically-transdisciplinary gestures, allowing the audience to improvise a variety of symbolic idioms. I am very much influenced by the idea of dismissing popular solos, particularly whilst combined with a highly polyrhythmic approach to spaces.

Also it loops back on itself for hundreds of hours of uninterrupted goodness!
Download 3 tempos and individual parts here.

Comments to Soundcloud and YouTube!

I do loves me some “structured tension-hemiolas”!

Again thanks to VlogBrothers for their support! :-) DFTBA!