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EDM Detection Mode

This is a sort of electronic music with a heavy backbeat and thumpin’ bass. There is a significant change in theme at around 2 minutes – so if the beginning is a bit boring, you can start there. There is

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Daily Beetle

People have asked about the title of this. I thought it was fun to say, and sounded like a local newspaper. We have ways of making you happy! This is one of them. Super catchy mid-tempo grooving ukulele-driven happy music.

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Stuff Review! SX-150

The SX-150 Mark 2 is an analog synth. You set some knobs, grab the metal pencil-like thing and touch the strip on the bottom. It gives you about 4.5 octaves of range depending on where you touch it. I’m assuming

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Infinite Perspective!

All the beauty, awe and calm majesty you can handle… without a permit or prescription medication. The download comes with a faster and slower bonus tempo as well as the original sketch on marimba that was used in making this

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Level Up!

Too cool for school! This is a warm and refreshing, yet invigorating piece of 8-bit-like wonderfulness. Lots of modern blipping and bleeping once it gets going. I imagine this piece can be used in a lot of computer games about

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Drankin Song

I knew it was going to be a problem when I named it. “Drankin Song”. There is no ‘g’. There is no apostrophe. And yet, the title is perfect, though many schools may not be able to use it because

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