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Desert apocalypse? Dreamy 8bit? Sexy lounge? We got you!

Industrial Cinematic The Year: Future Year. The planet has been ravaged by desertification… that apparently no one saw coming… Not sure how that happened, I mean Jeez! Anyone ever hear of a little disaster called “The Aral Sea”? That seriously

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Three new pieces to beat the heat!

Bit Shift This is about as exciting/happy as simple 8-bit exciting/happy music gets. It’s Swingin’! It’s Singin’! It’s using a whole lotta apostrophes! Sometime’s incorrectly! Anyhoo, take a listen to this one. Ye shan’t be dis’appointed! Bleep, bloop… bloop, bleep.

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BVD – Convergence of Hornets

Crazy energy video game boss-fight type music. This one is really quite taxing. You want some adrenaline? You got some! Go! Fight! Win!

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Three New Ones!

Nonstop From what I can tell, this piece has no genre… it is an odd mix of a few things, but not enough of any one of them to be considered a member of that group. So, when you find

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5 New Pieces!

Super Power Cool Dude This one gets better every time I listen to it… This piece was built almost entirely with arpeggiators. What does that mean for you? Probably nothing. But holy man! Does this sound like it is from

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Bhavacakra by Brett Van Donsel

A highly polyrhythmic world music infuenced percussion piece. Really gets going around 1:25. This piece is licensed CC:By 4.0. You can get a bunch more here:

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