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How the music is made…

Thanks to Bryan for sending me this video!

Well, go on. Get up there. … Scoot!

Journey to Ascend Jamming on some cheap percussion with some friends and a click track. Recommended uses for this track: Tiki bar, Museum exhibit of a bear, On hold music for an adventure bike tour company, Street festival in Monrovia

The holidays beg for a little relaxation…

Ethereal Relaxation Meditation Tips: 1) Get comfortable. Maybe try sitting on a chair, or the ground. 2) Breathe. Why are you holding your breath? That won’t help. 3) Relax. Stop fighting the bear. You two can fight later. 4) Close

Horror Music

Spooky Season is upon us. Behold! Spooky music! Tim Kulig Free Music · Edge of Forever That is one of the tracks. These are not happy fun time spooky pieces. There is straight up stress and horror. There are 10

Can you hear jazz in space?

Space Jazz While working on a video game, the script called for “Space Jazz”. I don’t know if that is a thing, but this is what I made. Sounds like Space Jazz to me! You can download the full uncompressed

Grab your best tunic, we’re going adventuring!

Adventures in Adventureland You have taken charge of your destiny. You have trained for this. You have power and purpose. You have arrived at the Elite Five Challenge!! #symphonic #cartoony #adventure #comfyshorts You can download the full uncompressed files here!