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Desert apocalypse? Dreamy 8bit? Sexy lounge? We got you!

Industrial Cinematic

The Year: Future Year. The planet has been ravaged by desertification… that apparently no one saw coming… Not sure how that happened, I mean Jeez! Anyone ever hear of a little disaster called “The Aral Sea”? That seriously screwed up… like… everything. I guess the dam is supposed to help, but I’m seriously not holding my breath. Oh. Industrial-sounding music.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Airship Serenity

This is the first slow 8-bit piece I ever tried. There was some skepticism going in, but holy man! This turned out great! You can use it for your game credits, or more chill parts of your game. Maybe at the Healing Shack, or the Abe Vigoda Memorial Pagoda and Koi Pond. The uncompressed download has a bonus
percussion track.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Chill Wave

I was looking for a subject to analogize the depth of my knowledge for the Chill Wave genre of music. Wikipedia was there for me with entire things that I didn’t even know were things; Randle Cotgrave! Yeon Namgeon! Digital Mammographic Imaging! Rebelj, Serbia! In brief… I know nothing about Chill Wave. Hope you enjoy the fruits of ignorance!

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

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Three new pieces to beat the heat!

Bit Shift

This is about as exciting/happy as simple 8-bit exciting/happy music gets.
It’s Swingin’! It’s Singin’! It’s using a whole lotta apostrophes! Sometime’s incorrectly! Anyhoo, take a listen to this one. Ye shan’t be dis’appointed!
Bleep, bloop… bloop, bleep.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Magic Forest

Remember that time you were lost in the woods and you were visited by the clan of centaurs, and they were super suspicious of you, but decided to take you back to their settlement anyway? It never happened! That was a screen memory! There are no centaurs, and they wouldn’t live in forest settlements! That was an alien abduction. The aliens planted the memory of the forest centaurs so your brain wouldn’t implode with the knowledge of trans-dimensional beings… such as themselves. And… unrelated, but… what comes to mind when you think about the smell of wet cardboard and Sriracha?

You can download the full uncompressed files here!


Gorgeous, rich piano chords run counter to subtle percussions. This piece is a workhouse for video productions. Don’t bother with the preview, just download this thing. Because seriously… planning a cat rescue? This will work. Attending someone else’s family reunion and trying to convince them you’re related? Yes. This will work. Time lapse of a rocket assembly? Obviously. I’m looking at you, ESA!

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

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BVD – Convergence of Hornets

Crazy energy video game boss-fight type music. This one is really quite taxing. You want some adrenaline? You got some! Go! Fight! Win!

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Three New Ones!


From what I can tell, this piece has no genre… it is an odd mix of a few things, but not enough of any one of them to be considered a member of that group. So, when you find a new critter which is certainly a new species… likely a new genus… probably a new family… and seriously might be a order. It has an exoskeleton, gives birth to live young (asexually somehow?), has a beak… We recognize all those parts, but it doesn’t fit anything. Might be a new phylum.

Uncompressed Music Files


So, you got an action movie set in India with an awesome badass antihero who just kills people with her mind. Boy, have I got the music for your introductory scene! Serious badassery going down here. This piece is sharp and crisp and just cool.

Uncompressed Music Files


While not an epic hour-long relaxation juggernaut, Soaring is an excellent relaxation workhorse with just enough mystical qualities to keep it from being truly peaceful. Imagine a calm monkey hanging out at a remote monastery who, from time to time, will touch a tree – causing the tree to age a decade in a matter of seconds. I mean… still pretty calm, but something isn’t right about that.

Uncompressed Music Files

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Interview @ Manumit!

Super cool interview over at Music Manumit!

Check it out.

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5 New Pieces!

Super Power Cool Dude

This one gets better every time I listen to it…

This piece was built almost entirely with arpeggiators. What does that mean for you? Probably nothing. But holy man! Does this sound like it is from 1983! So, pop a tape of “Flashdance” in your VCR… and then spend like 8 minutes rewinding it… because, apparently your cousin couldn’t be bothered to do that. Seriously, Karen! You did the same thing when I lent you “Smokey and the Bandit II”, and I didn’t say anything because you had a hard week, but still managed to make the Jell-o Salad with the grapes for the family reunion… which was nice. Anyway, I’ll probably just get you one of those $20 tape rewinders they have at Radio Shack for your birthday. I also enrolled you in the Battery of the Month Club. You’re welcome.
Uncompressed Download

District Four

Deep grooving crazy big percussion. Super danceable! High energy, without every getting the way. Useful for tech videos, badass characters, or general listenings! The download comes with all the parts separated out as well as a bonus track at 165 beats per minute (slightly slower and even deeper grooving!).
Uncompressed Download

Secret of Tiki Island

Co-written with Bryan Teoh while he was on vacation (Thanks Bryan!) this is all the mystery and chill groove you need. So come on you cats and swingers, enjoy yourself a Jet Pilot (served in a pineapple of course) and help unravel the Secret of Tiki Island! Can you save yourself and the island from the Volcano!? No. Of course you can’t. It is a freaking VOLCANO. If the pyroclastic flows and lahars don’t kill you, the carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide probably will.

Get the super download here.

Rocket Power

Funky drum machines? Yes, please! Also a killer bass line. This is both big and fun… kind of like the Paul Bunyan Experience… if Paul Bunyan were hip. Unlike most of my tunes, this one has an actual ending! Uncompressed download comes with all the parts to make your own mixes – should this one be insufficient.

Super download here.

Giant Wyrm

Oh! The horror! This is NOT a fun piece. It WILL make you feel like there is something seriously wrong. Did those veins on my forearm always look like that? I mean, they’re doing a weird criss-cross pattern… and they look REALLY blue. I would have noticed that before, surely! I wonder if this has anything to do with the meteor that came down in Mr. Wilson’s pond last night? Uncompressed download comes with 4 stem files in case you don’t need all the creepy, all the time.

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