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Royalty-Free Music Bundle!

There is about a day left on the pay-what-you-want music bundle!

You can get it here!

Looks like some cool stuff in there… all for about $4!

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Morning Mist

SUPER nice acoustic guitar music available from Brett!

Creative Commons download available from SoundCloud.

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Silverman Sound

More Music has happened to the world! Shane Ivers has opened up a few new pieces of Creative Commons licensed music with quite an exceptional interface.

You can get it here! (

Shane says he expects to add more on a regular basis! Go free music!! WooOOOOOO!!!

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Wikipedia describes the Thunderbird as “a supernatural bird of power and strength”. It will also ask you to disambiguate it from the automobile made by Ford from 1955 to 2005. I’m sure it was a nice car. I’ve never owned one. But there were a lot of them! The late 70’s Thunderbirds are particularly horrifying… They had those headlight covers that flipped up… because that was a good idea at some point. But this piece! Oh! This piece! Atmosphere like you wouldn’t believe! The flute is just so earthy! The organic drones are also beautiful. The whole thing is beautiful. Kind of like you went to an alien day spa in another dimension where days last for years, but you still never get all wrinkly when you’re in the bubbly warm waters. mmmm… bubbly warm waters… with the slight possibility of a serial killer.

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here.

Please support me and Royalty-Free music at Patreon:

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Ryno’s Theme

Starts small, gets big… then smaller, then REALLY big… then small again. Kind of like a turtle. Actually, it is entirely possible that I just kept seeing different turtles. I mean, they all sort of look like turtles; I wasn’t tagging them or marking them with chalk or anything. Chalk will probably just wash off in the pond anyway. Oh! Kind of like a puffer fish! Like a musical puffer fish! Perfect. You can download this in uncompressed format here. Download comes with individual tracks so you can make your own mixes.

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Slow Jam

Well, this is interesting… Smooth sine bass contrasted with a lovely excited drum machine and then… the magic! Genre bending magic! You’re a cool kid right? This is for you. You’re welcome. Think ‘trap’ meets ‘R&B’ meets ‘shoegaze’ meets some other genre that is SO COOL there isn’t even a name for it yet. Download comes with a not-quite-so-slow version that is not quite so slow. You can download this in uncompressed format here. Download comes with individual tracks so you can make your own mixes.

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