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NerdCon: Stories 2016

Posted in General, Music

Welcoming Autumn with new tunes!


A little aggressive, a little chill, a little groovy, a little cool. Not entirely appropriate for all occasions, but in the right context – it may be just what you need! This is the “Goth 7th-Grader” of the music world. The instrument with the sharp chord hits is the mighty Mellotron, which is a pre-sampler sort of analog keyboard attached to a bunch of tape players. I cheated. This one is digital.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!


Several distinct moods are found in this piece. They start at 0:00, 1:23, 2:31, and 3:10. They do all flow into each other, but can be sliced apart pretty easily. Some are quite beautiful, so stick with this piece. Excellent piece for filmmakers!

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Nowhere Land

Fun fact: Working title was “Arpeggiator Rock From the 80s 1”.
Fun fact: This piece consist entirely of single notes being passed to a stack 5 different synths at the same time. Each synth has a different program running on it that triggers more notes.
Fun fact: Scotland isn’t a nation. It is technically an empire that claims sovereignty over Paraguay’s 400k sheep and also Neptune’s “shepherd” moon Despina.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

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Get your Crazy on!

So, I’m not sure what this is… but it is pretty crazy. It is kinda creepy, and kind of… [insert adjective here].

Get more from Brett!!

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Desert apocalypse? Dreamy 8bit? Sexy lounge? We got you!

Industrial Cinematic

The Year: Future Year. The planet has been ravaged by desertification… that apparently no one saw coming… Not sure how that happened, I mean Jeez! Anyone ever hear of a little disaster called “The Aral Sea”? That seriously screwed up… like… everything. I guess the dam is supposed to help, but I’m seriously not holding my breath. Oh. Industrial-sounding music.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Airship Serenity

This is the first slow 8-bit piece I ever tried. There was some skepticism going in, but holy man! This turned out great! You can use it for your game credits, or more chill parts of your game. Maybe at the Healing Shack, or the Abe Vigoda Memorial Pagoda and Koi Pond. The uncompressed download has a bonus
percussion track.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Chill Wave

I was looking for a subject to analogize the depth of my knowledge for the Chill Wave genre of music. Wikipedia was there for me with entire things that I didn’t even know were things; Randle Cotgrave! Yeon Namgeon! Digital Mammographic Imaging! Rebelj, Serbia! In brief… I know nothing about Chill Wave. Hope you enjoy the fruits of ignorance!

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

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Three new pieces to beat the heat!

Bit Shift

This is about as exciting/happy as simple 8-bit exciting/happy music gets.
It’s Swingin’! It’s Singin’! It’s using a whole lotta apostrophes! Sometime’s incorrectly! Anyhoo, take a listen to this one. Ye shan’t be dis’appointed!
Bleep, bloop… bloop, bleep.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Magic Forest

Remember that time you were lost in the woods and you were visited by the clan of centaurs, and they were super suspicious of you, but decided to take you back to their settlement anyway? It never happened! That was a screen memory! There are no centaurs, and they wouldn’t live in forest settlements! That was an alien abduction. The aliens planted the memory of the forest centaurs so your brain wouldn’t implode with the knowledge of trans-dimensional beings… such as themselves. And… unrelated, but… what comes to mind when you think about the smell of wet cardboard and Sriracha?

You can download the full uncompressed files here!


Gorgeous, rich piano chords run counter to subtle percussions. This piece is a workhouse for video productions. Don’t bother with the preview, just download this thing. Because seriously… planning a cat rescue? This will work. Attending someone else’s family reunion and trying to convince them you’re related? Yes. This will work. Time lapse of a rocket assembly? Obviously. I’m looking at you, ESA!

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

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BVD – Convergence of Hornets

Crazy energy video game boss-fight type music. This one is really quite taxing. You want some adrenaline? You got some! Go! Fight! Win!

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