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Quirky Dog

Smooth and jazzy ditty with a fun edge for all your light humor needs! Okay, many of your light humor needs. Excellent for montage sequences dealing with bureaucracy. You can download the uncompressed version with parts and an alternate mix here!

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Sentimental Marimba!

New music from Brett Van Donsel!

The first 100 people can download it for free!

Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0 licensed. Additional licenses available if you cannot credit.

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Lively Lumpsucker

Naming is very important when it comes to instrumental music. In this case, I wanted to make sure anyone making videos
of Lumpsuckers would find this. It may have been better served with a broad title having to do with slapstick comedy
or cute cats, but I think I got the lumpsucker market cornered!
Pimpled lumpsucker? Yup. Bumpy lumpsucker? You bet! Toad lumpsucker? Absolutely! All the lumpsuckers!

Hijinks, antics, shenanigan, tomfoolery! We got it all here for you! Solo out of tune piano for all of your slapstick needs! Sheet music available (More button). You can download this piece with all the parts plus bonus record-destressed version plus a normal piano – and all of these also at a faster tempo here!

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Ossuary 7 – Resolve and Complete Collection

Download Part 7 uncompressed here ($5.25)

Or get parts 1-7 and all the uncompressed parts over here for just $8.65! That’s a $35.07 value! So… like 75% savings if you get this… assuming you would have purchased each one individually.

Which reminds me! If you pledge $20 per month or more on Patreon, you would get all of the super high quality downloads for free at the end of every month. That is also quite a good deal! Plus it makes me feel good about myself… and I think we all want that!

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Ossuary 6 – Air

At the intersection of relaxation and horror lies “The Ossuary”.
Part 6: Air
Well, something has taken a turn for the not-quite-as-good-as-I’d-like. Slow-moving drone of impending doom!

You can download the full non-compressed version here.

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Ossuary 5 – Rest

Download this piece in high quality here.

At the intersection of relaxation and horror lies “The Ossuary”.
Part 5: Rest
After some amount of introspection, I can only conclude that this is the afterlife, or some entryway to the afterlife… or a really cool club in the Meatpacking district after-hours. This is the most genuinely relaxing piece of the Ossuary suite… still has a bit of an edge.

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