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As one might imagine from the title, this piece is loopable. I don’t know exactly what this is. It certainly draws from the 1980s, but it has some modern bits. I made it… but I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe Ouroboros will find a loving home in one or your projects!


For you world music people out there… my first attempt at the Sarod. Quite an interesting instrument.
There is a drone in the background to round out the sound a bit – but if you have use for just the Sarod, you can pick up all the parts individually here. The download there also comes with about 4 minutes of bonus material and an extended mix.


So… I’ve been swamped recently. Here’s a piece I finished yesterday. Only… 3 more video games and 2 more shorts to finish up this week!

I should be posting more come January!

Cheers, all!

Sugar Plum Breakdown

Merry Nutcracker to all!

This dark version was originally produced for the New York production of the “Black Peter” musical a few years back. Available for download only on Soundcloud. Available for use everywhere!


The Bugle! and some other stuff…

Super thanks to Andy Zaltzman for the super mention on the newest Bugle episode!

It is that time of year again! Join Martyn, Toby, Lewis, and Henry for their annual Minecraft Christmas ADVENTure!
There is a new episode EVERY DAY up to Christmas, with enough of my music that you’ll be super sick of it by the end of December. :-)

If you don’t follow me on SoundCloud, you can miss out on things I don’t post here, like works-in-progress:

I pay a lot of attention to comments on the unfinished pieces, there are often some really good ideas there.

Fun in a Bottle!

Peppy piano piece that has a tinge of darkness, but is always happy! An uncompressed version of this piece in nine different forms at 2 different tempos on 3 different pianos is available!

There is actually sheet music available for this piece. Warning: you’ll need 3 people and 2 pianos.

You can download the Spinet Piano normal length version here on incompetech.


You can download one of the extra versions exclusively on Soundcloud.