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Yay! I won a thing!

Thanks to everyone for the translations!

The next winner provided the building blocks for millions of freelance artists videos without asking for anything back… the St. Martin of the internet. The international honor price goes to Kevin MacLeod!

“Web-videos without music seem a bit wrong – undynamic, lifeless, empty. The free access to music makes a difference, especially for web-video-producers. 20 years ago one man started a website where he gave his music to literally every one. Since that day the composer created more than 2000 pieces, that gave life to more than 1000 movies and more than 3 million YouTube-videos. Hollywood-movies, cat videos, “let’s plays” and porn. Every genre takes his music and just needs to do one thing: To mention his name – Kevin MacLeod.”

He gave wings to the creativity of the whole web-video-community with what he did over decades and he inspired the debate about copyright and licenses.

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Semi-8 bit, sort of 1980’s synth pop crazy thing! Super energy; Crazy fun. Perfect for: automobile reviews, actions montages, martial arts clips, or anything with fast edits that needs a good pace!

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here!

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Pyro Flow

You got flow? You want this. Borderline chill and aggressive, this piece is your man! It does stand alone, but if you got words… it is amazing! Try it! What style is this? I’m not sure. It borrows from a lot – but I don’t think it fits anything out there. Rickenbacker bass, gnarled piano, and a distorted drum kit all fit together beautifully. Percussion breakdown at 2:17.

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here.

Support me on Patreon! :-) It’s fun!

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Phantom from Space

I need to be careful about naming these things. Could be neo-retro sci-fi – could be straight up paranormal! Whatever it is, there is a major mystery to be had here! Ideal for technology-induced mummy reanimation films. The alternate mixes in the full download both give a slightly different feel – one with no percussion, and one without the theremin-like synth lead.

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here.

You can directly support the making of this awesome music on Patreon!

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Unwritten Return

Dreamy and edgy; Not a combination you often find, and yet – here it is. The ambiguous and slippery nature of the piece are a wonderful thing. Perfect for scoring a character where the audience is unsure of them. Could be good? Could be evil? WE DON’T KNOW!

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here!

You can also help support creatiion of more music like this at Patreon!

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Prospector Video

Here’s a preview of this month’s exclusive Patreon track (to be released in a few days)!

You can sign up for this at!

I did originally write this piece for Altius Space. I’m a big fan. Giant asteroid claw machine? How can you not be a fan!

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