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Will return at…

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been less available the last few weeks. Everything is under control, but there is a family situation at hand and I’m grateful for your patience and kind thoughts at this time.

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Marty Gots a Plan

Super utility track! The uncompressed download has a pile of variations as well.
You can get that here!

Sneaking around the house? Use this! Planning a comedic caper? Also good! Semi-random pizzicato is like magic for cheeky hijinks. You know… when Marty gots a plan, it aint usually a good one.

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YouTube and ContentID

In the Before Times, ContentID and my work didn’t get along so well. Many people took my music, claimed it as their own, sold it to people, then claimed videos on YouTube through the ContentID system.

YouTube had been working on the problem for a while now – and there is a solution!

YouTube and Google have implemented a white-list layer to their ContentID system, and all of my music has been put into it. That means no one will be able to claim videos with my music in them! As you can see from this handy chart, after they implemented the whitelist in mid-January, the number of false claims has dropped to ZERO!

This has given me back so much much time that I had been spending doing legal help with people so I can do more of what matters – Music! Super thanks to the YouTube team for making things awesome!

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Meatball Parade!

Fast paced, funny, and downright delightful! If you haven’t heard this…. seriously take a listen. I’m a big fan of this piece. I get a lot of requests for things like “Yakity Sax”, but there isn’t really a way to do that without just ripping the piece off. Hopfully, this is enough fun!

You can downlaod the uncompressed version of the piece here!

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Secrets of the Schoolyard

Sort of dark and mysterious, while still being current-sounding and light. Got a mystery in the city? I got your music! Crazy deep bass in lots of parts… careful when mixing this one.

You can download the uncompressed version here!

Comment over in the YouTube or on SoundCloud!

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Bleepy Bloopy

You can download the uncompressed version of this piece here. With bonus tempos!

Watch the fun video here. You know the drill, like OR subscribe. NEVER BOTH! People always tell you to do both. That is a terrible idea.

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