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Bhavacakra by Brett Van Donsel

A highly polyrhythmic world music infuenced percussion piece. Really gets going around 1:25.
This piece is licensed CC:By 4.0.

You can get a bunch more here:

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Deadly Roulette

Jazzy! Gumshoe-y! Mystery-y! I suck at making adjectives. Who needs adjectives anyway! I’m fine without adjectives. How fine without adjectives, you may ask? I can’t say – as that would require some sort of descriptor! And I don’t need descriptors in my writings… Maybe one… tiny little… NO! What am I thinking!? I refuse! I’ve completely had it with adjectives! Hah! Adverbs work perfectly fine! Woohoo! Adverbs! And before I get mail… adjectives killed my family, so I can go off on them all I want.

Download the uncompressed version here!

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Basic Implosion

Upbeat, bright, and super catchy! Just try not to rap to this piece! TRY IT! You can’t, can you! I mean… I can, but I’ve been training to not rap my entire life. It started with me not-rapping in my childhood in the upper midwest. My lack-of-rapping hit a new high while on a high school band trip to Disney World, and was again bolstered in a crazy non-rap filled Spring Break in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. There’s just something about not-rapping and industrial forestry…

Buy the super uncompressed pile of wav files here.

And the Soundcloud… for if you like the Soundcloud.

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New Patreon Rewards Structure!

It is quite a lot of work keeping up with the Patreon Rewards I had available before, so I’ve restructured!

Go Take a Look!. The $25 level is limited to the first 15 people. When it fills up, you can email me to get in the queue, so that when someone drops off (due to pulling support, failing to have the credit card charged, or through adverse possession) – you’ll be the first to know!

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I’m a Conspiracy!!!

Just a correction to the narration, I don’t do Public Domain music on… that’s over on

The other bits about me not existing are pretty dead-on.

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Chillin Hard

Cross Hip-hop with Shoegaze and what do you get? That was not a joke. That was the description of this piece. If you have a show that opens with a shoegaze band, and then headlines a hip-hop group you could use this as the clever bridge between them! Also, you should immediately fire the concert manager. That was a terrible idea.

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here.

This song is also included in Groupees’ Royalty Free Music Bundle 2. For $1 minimum, you can get the whole Vicious EP and lots of other music. As promotional goals are met, all users get additional rewards. One goal has already been unlocked. There are eight days left for getting this special deal.

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