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Wedding Etude #1 by Brett VanDonsel

It’s wedding season! You’ll probably need some music for your photo slideshows. Here’s a nice piece by Brett VanDonsel. Also on Soundcloud and Sellfy.

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Lewis and Dekalb

Southern trap influenced rap pile of musical forklift platypus… okay, i don’t know what these words mean. But if you understood them – we’re all good. You know what you’re getting, and… that’s all I can hope for really. Truth in advertising!

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here.

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Bit of swing in your rap? Sure! Why not! I like swing… but NOT TOO MUCH! Just here and there… you know, to alleviate the monotony. Sort of like that one teacher you had in Social Studies that unexpectedly did something cool – like play a game – but only twice a year… and they were both in the first month, so all you ended up with was 8 months of continual disappointment. Screw you, Mr. Meuller! I still don’t care about checks and balances!

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here.

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Meatball Parade cover!

This is perfect. From the description: “So Kevin and I learned to play the song Meatball Parade by Kevin Macleod in band class. it drove our band director crazy because we would never stop playing it. As a senior gift to us, he agreed to play Meatball Parade one time with us on the last day of band class. This is now one of the highlights of my high school career.”

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Fife and Drum

Welcome to Historic Williamsburg! Nestled between “That’s-OK Greenpoint” and “Still-Kinda-Frightening-In-Many-Areas Bushwick”, Historic Williamsburg offers you a link to the past that you’ll love! Trucker hats, coffee shops, mustache wax, artisanal mac+cheese, used book stores – come experience part of America’s Past! And when you’re done; “Get the ‘L out of Williamsburg!” [ *L may not be running. ] You can download this in uncompressed format here.

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This piece starts BIG. Originally, this piece started slowly and built… and then I got bored and chopped out all the slowness. There are still dynamics, but if you need bigness from the get-go – here’s what you get! Vroom! BIG BIG BIG! Could be too big. Could be. Probably isn’t.

You can download the full uncompressed version of this piece here.

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