Month: May 2006

Cool Blast and Drama

Three new pieces today, and a new section (again). Cool Blast – a dancy/jazzy confection Sneaking x2 – in the new drama section

That doesn’t sound like me…

You know how it is when you record yourself talking, and then play it back – and it no longer sounds like you. Everyone else thinks it sounds like you. But not you… Well, I was doing some voice recording

Goth and Goth

New pieces today include (and are limited to): Babylon – an atmospheric piece Anachronist – an experimental piece For those who follow this site – the “Atmospheric” page is new.

23:20, IMDB

23:20 is now done and available online! I didn’t do all the score, but I did do some custom scoring for one of the scenes, and a lot of my music was used for other scenes… but not the opening

An Open Apology

To all the people who listened to my music over the last few months and years… I’m sorry everyone. I’m really very very very sorry. You see – I just had no idea. Today I bought some studio monitors, and

The Falcon Banner

Four pieces of new orchestral music are on the update today. I’m pretty proud of them. This isn’t stuff I normally do. Transition One Transition Two Weight of Responsibility Reflecting on Ideals There were all written for an audio drama