Month: December 2008

Hosting Upgraded! (again!)

Ok, for the last week or so, I’ve been on Verio – starting with their BSD plans… which have a process limit of about 30 (meaning: you may need to wait a long time for your downloads to start). So,

Kick Shock

Kick Shock Here is a driving dance piece with a distorted synth lead, synth bass and drums. There is heavy phasing throughout. The energy and drive is constant until the last seven seconds which feature an exposed drum part. It

New Host Issues

I got a new host for my traffic – which in theory provides enough bandwidth. However, the number of processes is limited, so I’m attempting to get an upgraded plan. The traffic is being serviced right now, just at a

Blue Feather

Blue Feather Here is a somber solo piano piece that features a repetitive descending arpeggio motive. This piece is sparse, mysterious, and at times unnerving. It contains a few uplifting moments (a shorter one begins at 1:40, and longer one

I did an interview? Crazy!

NSider Select Radio Episode 4. I did an extended interview – while on the street. I don’t recall what I said – but it was hopefully interesting. :-) Probably about 20 minutes in.


Okay, long story short – BlueHost does not have unlimited bandwidth, they merely will not tell you what the upper limit is, because the number is squishy. I can tell you that 60Gb per day is above the limit, but