Month: February 2009

Political Weasel

My friend Ivan found this one for me. Nancy Pelosi used my track “scheming weasel” in a production of “Capitol Cat Cam”, which is actually a leader to a rickroll. I realize that piece is now a parody of itself,

Email Issues?

For some reason, I’ve not been getting all of my emails for the last month or so – the bad part is I just learned about it today. If you’ve sent me email and have not gotten a response on

The International

That’s the International Bank of Business and Credit, or the IBBC, an entirely fictional financial institution, I’m sure. It could also be called the International Big Bad Corporation, because they really are Bad with a capital B. But don’t worry!


There’s a bit more over in the Public Domain… First – My Ringtone. And then a submission from David Hewitson. Remember; Music on that site is all dedicated to the Public Domain, which is a little rare right now… but

Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre from Saint Saens. Opus 40. Here’s some awful facts about this recording… Originally written in 1874. 52 page score. 478 measures long. 13 sections. (spooky) 13,950 notes were entered for this piece*. 48 virtual instruments were used. Somewhere

Tears of Joyent!

Holy man. Incompetech has a new server – and it is good. Like, very very good. I actually have a hard time believing it is so good. The thing is lightning fast, has well enough bandwidth, and runs the awesome