Month: January 2011

Too awesome

A while back, I did a random New Age album generator. It wasn’t very smart, and was pretty buggy. You can play with it here: Well, someone took it one step too far – to my amazement and delight,

Another New Graph Paper!

Detached squares!

Just for fun…

Here’s a quick video by my friend Paul from Germany! I have some recordings from him that I did when he was in New York, and will probably release them in the next few months. Love his style.

Polar Graph Update

The normally cluttered centers of the Polar Graph papers are now also available as either “Clear” (with no lines going to the center) or “Cross” (with a small + at the center of the graph). Enjoy!


After several requests – I finally got the time to implement multiple colors on a single PDF graph. Multi-Color Graph Paper

New Scores

Here are a couple of pieces I did for Bellflower, a fantastic film that is an official selection for Sundance 2011. Bump in the Night Vanes If you have a chance to see this film, I very much recommend doing