Month: February 2011

Adam Bentley’s (director of Luke’s Kitchen) crowdfunding campaign for his next project, Call of the City (of which I will be writing the score) is down to its final week. His team has raised $3000 so far – the goal

A great leap for interspecies technology.

I think it is well known that Bonobos don’t like to tell time to the exact minute, instead opting to divide the hour into 12 parts. Some humans also share this affinity. This iPhone / iPod app helps to bridge

My First iPad App

Though it may be my last, I made my first iPad app this morning. Its job is just to look cool while hanging on a wall. Also, it tells you what time it is in a mildly easy-to-read font called

More Bass!

I’ve been recording quite a bit this last week or so… Here’s what I did with the new Bass samples from Trillian. Faster Does It – A gorgeous BeBop duet. Covert Affair – Cooler jazz piece with EP and trumpet

Behold the Harp!

Also in the survey, several people asked for more harp music. This is pretty surprising to me – but I’m glad to write more for harp. In addition, two people asked for Western music. So… here’s a Western harp piece:

Funeral March by request

An interesting thing that three people mentioned in the last poll I did was a funeral march. I could have recorded the famous march by Purcell, but decided to write a new one. In an ideal world, the march should