Month: October 2012

Minstrel Guild

Because I haven’t done early music in quite some time, I did some now! Minstrel Guild

A Request

There is a problem of worlds. A user of incompetech with a developmentally disabled/challenged young adult son asked to purchase a CD of “Fluidscape”. I don’t offer CDs, and I don’t have the ability to make them. The user has


Well, I’ve been falling behind on my emails – but I’ve just hatched a plan to help everyone in a MUCH more timely manner. You can ask questions or post your thoughts and comments at the Support-o-matic!! (Available under the

The Harry Fox Agency and the Public Domain

Okay, everyone – check your videos! I just got off the phone with the Harry Fox Agency. We have a working plan to get things straight for the future! If you have had a claim against your YouTube videos from

The Joys of Free Music

One might think is is simple to record music and distribute it for free online, but there are companies that work against people who do this. Recently, I was sent a round-up of a very nicely organized pile of issues.

Connect5 NeoN

Here is a nicely polished game that is free until October 26th, 2012. Connect5 NeoN. Go get yours now if you have an iPad! I played it a bit… and if you play on the easiest difficulty – you can