Month: June 2013

How to: The Music Business

I get a lot of requests for people wanting to know how to “get into the music business”. Some people are honestly confused – which is understandable, because I’m actually IN the business, and I am still confused. This document

Composing Event Success!

Totals for today’s composing event: 18 pieces. 16.4 minutes of music created over 7.3 hours. Thanks everyone!

Clean Soul

Q: How are you feeling today? A: I feel like this. Clean Soul Not sure of the title is quite right on this one… but it is what it is. Man! I love that bass! Enjoy!

Spikey – Public Domain piece

I added a new piece into the Public Domain over at – available in the unclassified electronic section. Also available for download at SoundCloud for a limited time. I had hopes for this one, but it proved to be

June 15th Event

What: YouTube Channel Music Where: Google+ Hangouts When: Saturday, June 15th – Noon(isg) Eastern until we’re done Cost: $0 (donations are always appreciated) I get a lot of requests to do simple intros for YouTube channels. People want unique music

Relaxy Shrimps

Because I needs me some relaxing today… This uses an “older” piece of mine Silver Blue Light Enjoy the shrimp!