Month: August 2013

Untangling the False Claims

A bunch of people have written me recently about their YouTube videos getting claimed by TuneSat. So I called TuneSat, and I sent Mark over at TuneSat some information about a claim. The assets were attributed to another company that

George Street Shuffle

I just had to play with the new and improved CinePerc vibraphones. I made this! And I’m trying a new thing… I get enough requests for uncompressed versions of things, that I might start putting together packages. The one for

Ghost Story

You’ve all been requesting more horror music for a while now, and I just picked up a new Vibraphone, so why not!? You can watch the notes on Youtube: Or you can watch the waveform from SoundCloud: Download from SoundCloud

Melon Drop

Just found out about Melon Drop for iPad. For an indie game, it is super pro on the graphics and level design. Also, it is free. Also, it is fun… Except for level 19, which is darned near impossible. Also,


I have a cognitive processing condition. I call it “dyscaptia”. Those CAPTCHAs, little photos of twisted texts that are on various sites that are designed to confuse computers, confuse me. And I don’t mean that they take me a moment