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Fun with indemnification!

I am Not a Lawyer I am not a lawyer, but I do deal with a LOT of contracts. Today we are looking at a contract from an unnamed US cable television channel, and why it is awful. Here’s the

Demystifying the YouTube Claims Process

I usually make cartoons for this sort of thing, but there is no time! I’ve been getting a pile of emails every day about false claims in the ContentID process on YouTube. I wrote this article to help everyone understand

More progress on the Bad Claims Front

I finally got a hold of someone at Altafonte music, a company that was claiming about a dozen of my pieces (from what I can guess – on a few thousand videos). They were rejecting disputes without review… and that’s

Untangling the False Claims

A bunch of people have written me recently about their YouTube videos getting claimed by TuneSat. So I called TuneSat, and I sent Mark over at TuneSat some information about a claim. The assets were attributed to another company that

How to: The Music Business

I get a lot of requests for people wanting to know how to “get into the music business”. Some people are honestly confused – which is understandable, because I’m actually IN the business, and I am still confused. This document

APRA and the money.

APRA (Australian music rights association) contacted me yesterday. They have money for me because a TV station aired a program that had my music in it. $460AUD. The producers of the show correctly licensed the music from me, and no