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ContentID Form!

Help me help you and help others! If you have had a ContentID claim against your YouTube video (because of my music), you can help me track down the bad parts of the ContentID database by simply filling out a

The Project

The Kickstarter project for the documentary is coming along! Over $2000 pledged by 50 people! (That is $40 on average) But I’d like to see a lot more people help out on this. It should be really cool. I’m super

There are problems with ContentID… again.

For some reason, there is a slew of new claims against my music – I can’t reply to all the emails coming in, but I’ll try to give the updates here. Stormfront: Is being claimed. I’m not sure by who

I screwed something up!

Back in my post “Fun with Indemnification“, I used this phrase in my English translation: You don’t ever pay me damages for any reason. This was a bit of an overstatement. Just because the indemnification is not explicit in the

Fun with indemnification!

I am Not a Lawyer I am not a lawyer, but I do deal with a LOT of contracts. Today we are looking at a contract from an unnamed US cable television channel, and why it is awful. Here’s the

Demystifying the YouTube Claims Process

I usually make cartoons for this sort of thing, but there is no time! I’ve been getting a pile of emails every day about false claims in the ContentID process on YouTube. I wrote this article to help everyone understand