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Get More Views

Dan-O (from Dan-o Songs) just posted a quick ebook PDF for getting more views on your videos. It is called “How to Get More Views for Your Videos“. And if you haven’t picked up music from Dan-O recently – why

YouTube Update!

I spoke to a YouTube rep again today to get the status report. The progress is two-fold. First off – all of the companies that have been claiming my works as theirs were informed that they must actually review the

Does anyone out there know anyone?

I’m having problems with YouTube. As it turns out – there are some people out there who are taking music from my site, claiming it as their own, and registering it with rights organizations (of some sort). The music-matching engines

Full Blown Panic

Ok, Hurricane is coming to New York. I will not be responding to emails for a while as plans are enacted to save everything from flooding and starvation. If you have a project open with me – it’ll be a

Google +1!

I just added the Google “Plus 1” button to my site so you can recommend this site passively to your friends. Emailing can be such a pain. Pushing a colourful button is fun! Try it at your leisure… I think

Attention Canberrites!

I recently recieved one of the few pieces of art I own from Ian Henderson. The painting is of the back fence to our property (no comments about the state of the fence!) from the lane behind, and with my