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Crowdsourcing some Tech Support

Okay, everybody – I know there are a bunch of tech wizards out there when it comes to this, so I’m asking for your help after a few days of failures… What I want: Screen Record for Windows that produces


Well, I’ve been falling behind on my emails – but I’ve just hatched a plan to help everyone in a MUCH more timely manner. You can ask questions or post your thoughts and comments at the Support-o-matic!! (Available under the

Call for Help on SQL

UPDATE! Finally got this thing figured out. It involved changing Collations on all of the columns in the database. —- I moved databases a while ago, and now my search queried in the “Keyword” search on my music section have

New Host

For all the people sending me information about hosts, I’ll help you out with some requirements. I transfer about 10Tb per month of data. I have been kicked off of several “unlimited” hosting service providers in the past – they

Hosting Provider

Well, it had to happen. My long-time hosting provider Joyent is discontinuing the service I have been using to host this site for many many years, and I need to find a new solution. So, for the next few weeks

Вы говорите по русский?

Here is a handy translation for you. музыка из incompetech по русский!