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I have it on vinyl.

Loopster One of the first hipster art forms, this is built by stacking simple phrases, and can be performed by one person. This makes it perfect for playing that Tuesday gig you managed to pull at Arleneā€™s Grocery. Sorry, man

Ya Got a Luck Dragon on ya?

Fantasia Fantasia On your journey to the Southern Oracle, you will pass many wondrous things indeed! The Morning Meal Guild, The Highest Possible Weapon, and The Dancer of Flashes all await. Never give up and good luck will find you.

Twirl! Pose! Weeeeeeeerq!

Werq This is destined to be a podcast theme. If you’re starting a podcast, get this now before someone else does. You know it’s perfect. Plus is is easy to type the title in your credits. I’m looking out for


Getting it Done Extremely satisfying sound design with super clean bloopy synths in a light dance context. Recommended for all your needs. Unless you need a fire suppression system. It won’t work for that. Unless you need music for your

Would You Like to Sample My Wares?

Townie Loop Welcome to the town! If you have anything to sell, just put it in the box. The general store sells seeds. There is a Mountain Totem in the mountains. You can have a drink at the Iridium Bar.

An Open Letter to Green Valkyrie

Cruising for Goblins Dear Green Valkyrie, Your life force is running out. Green Valkyrie needs food badly. Remember; Don’t shoot food. Someone shot the food. Your shots now hurt other players. You just shot the potion. C’mon Green Valkyrie, you