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Very Fun Animation

“Iron Horse”

Shanghai World Expo

“Living Voyage”. Video clips. So much nicer than slide shows. This guy should do tutorials on how to make these.

Leo Laporte

The president and current king of the internet Leo Laporte today announced that his stinger for himself was sort of lame… certainly not up to his regal standards. Here’s a shot at a better one. Leo! Leo Laporte! Leo, if


This is partially “new music”, and partially a “sighting”. I’m a pretty big fan of Paulrex’s Originz program, so I wrote a piece of music for it. For Originz was included in the most recent episode (number 96) – and

This Week in Startups

In the most bizarre sighting I have ever witnessed… Jason Calacanis has my music queued up on his laptop… TWiST “Interview with 100 Things” minute 48.

Jim Henson Company

Hooray for puppets!