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Magic Scout

Well, this thing I made isn’t exactly a game. But it also isn’t not a game. It is an experience. Tips: Giant black mushrooms stop the soundtrack. Barrels are not bugged. Nor do they do anything useful. The chickens are

Not Yet AI Music

I’ve been playing with a computer generating music. This is my first iteration – it does one very specific thing, and it is starting to sound okay. I taught it drumming myself with some VERY simple rules. It seems to

Monster Epicness from Brett

New Royalty free giant piece is now available! I know you guys like the epics… so here you go!

Stuff Review: Hexy

Hexy from Valcour Games. Today’s stuff review is virtual stuff… possibly the best mobile game I’ve ever played; Hexy (available for iOS and Android). It is free, but give them the $2 if you like the game. So, why is

Off the deep end

I’ve been working quite a lot recently… while doing emails, I got this gem and went a little nuts. I should maybe take a nap soon…

Stuff Review! Sumo Onmi Plus Beanbag Chair

Right off the bat, let’s get something straight. This is not a beanbag chair… like the kind you remember from your childhood. It isn’t filled with those crappy little pellets that get all over everything. It has some sort of