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New Music from Brett!

Here’s a neat beautiful piece you can use for frees! It is like a fairy data report meeting!

And a more orchestral-y one, if that’s your jam. (I know because of the title, “Orchestral Mountain”.)

Is it ska? Is it funk? Not quite sure, but it’s nice!

Tech Live

Interview-Mania! This piece does nothing and goes nowhere. Perfect for an energetic backdrop to your review or interview segments!
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Sunday Dub

This was written for a sneaky-yet-cool scene. The kind where our main character is trailing a subject to find out where they get the amazing cheese they serve at their restaurant. There’s a bunch of bits where the paranoid restauranteur turns around unexpectedly and Private Detective Alice Winterbottom has to duck behind dumpsters, or spin around casually pretending to be on a phone call, or hide behind a watermelon at the fruit stand.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Bummin on Tremelo

Dick Clark’s Swingin’ New Year’s Eve Bash: Bondi Beach Edition! Forget your parkas! Put on your swim trunks, grab a Foster’s, and canoodle with your favorite girl down on the sand!
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

15 celebrity photos you won’t believe!!! … Just kidding. It’s music again.


This is an awesome theme tune. For ANYthing. You got a dark comedy about an inept biologist? This will work. A gritty fantasy dealing with fairy politics? A sci-fi dystopian future where everyone likes sardines? A reality show about bicycle thieves? A slice-of-life serial about growing up in the Upper Peninsula? Seriously. Anything.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Send for the Horses

Floaty! Ethereal! Useful for dream sequences. Or those montages of sad people standing in the rain.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Shaving Mirror

Hey, yo – welcome to the sic’est grammar podcast on the planet, where your future will have been perfectly continuous. I can’t really think up much more in the realm of grammar jokes without going to the “dangling participle”. And that’s not happening.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Introducing Alexander Nakarada!

Some really awesome free new music from Alexander Nakarada. Download and use all you like! (remember to credit it if you use it!)

Get them all here!

The Uilleann who?

Ave Marimba

This music is sort of ethnic-nonethnic. It is the sort of thing you can use for your travel video to Cairo, but would also work for your travel video to Columbus, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio – Where blank canvasses become full lives! Visit Columbus on your next getaway! Coffee shops, restaurants, and many seasonal festivals provide a rich backdrop to help make your life seem slightly less desperate. Columbus, Ohio: We have a river!
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Cold Sober

You know what, I honestly don’t know what I was thinking here. This is one of those “throw things at the wall and see if it works” kinds of pieces. It would have been completely uninteresting were it not for the Uilleann Pipes. Not a lot of music out there for bagpipes and electric piano. Consider the void filled!
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Crossing the Chasm

Adventure, Ho! Last time on “Adventure, Ho!”, the mage-orc Gnarlnosh was granted 1d4 wishes from a Deck of Many Things and it totally screwed up the game balance. Why? Because the DM sort of sucks, but he thought “Oh, sure – this could be fun… how could giving a mage-orc a fully provisioned army in the middle of a desert possibly sidetrack the quest for finding a cure for a magical disease that is ruining the kingdom AND the healer elf.” Deck of Many Things; BAH! More like Deck of This-Campaign-Jumped-the-Shark.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Two great tastes that taste great together!


Imagine yourself floating in a beautiful sky, the aggressive badgers of the land do not bother you here at all. Todd from HR doesn’t try to make small talk with you in this place, nor does he try to invite you to his kid’s wrestling tournament that is being held at a school 90 minutes away. The coyote-lizards of your night terrors do not roam here, and you can clearly read the expiration dates on all your packages. Even the hand soap. Why does the hand soap have an expiration date? It matters not.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!


I was doing some research on metal… today’s description is going to involve some participation on your part. Step 1) Google: “Death Metal English” the first link should be from invisibleoranges. Step 2) Enjoy! You’re welcome.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!