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If you need free music for your YouTube videos where you get to keep the ad revenue...

If you need music for your film or video game...

If you need music for your presentation or commercial...

But… have you tried the doorknob?

Magic Escape Room

This pieces builds tension and speed all the time. The ramp-up starts slowly, and gets pretty crazy by the end. Like you’re solving puzzles in a… Magical Escape Room! There are several natural break-points for easy editing. If you look at the instrument list, you can see where this piece is going.

You can purchase from iTunes here!

Calculator One!

Calculator One! for iPad.

Lots of people don’t know that the iPad doesn’t come with a calculator.
If you’ve tried getting a calculator, you will quickly discover the horrors of some developers. The ads, costs, and subscriptions for the most basic of apps is insane!

This app is fast, small, and best of all it doesn’t care about you in ANY WAY!

Features Included
– Free
– No ads
– No tracking
– No subscriptions
– No in-app purchases
– No nag screens
– No clicky audio
– No haptic feedback
– No camera access
– No microphone access
– No network access
– No contacts access
– No preferences
– No notifications
– No automotive extended warranties
– Automatic light and dark modes
– 3 lines of calculation history
– Continuous factorial function (not just integers)
– Delete button
– Custom calculation engine allows for really big numbers
– Automatically switches to E notation for numbers with a lot of 0s
– Pretty

Go get it! It is both free, and good!

Ever found a good stick? Like… a really good one?

I Got a Stick

Funky Horns? Funk!
Funky Guitar? Funk!
Funky Bass? Funk!
Funky Drumming? Double Funk!!

Vocals: James Gavins.
Uncopyrightable Lyrics: (“I got a stick.”) James Gavins and Kevin MacLeod
Arrangement and instruments: Bryan Teoh

How the music is made…

Thanks to Bryan for sending me this video!

What’s up with Facebook?

I’ve been getting several emails about my music being muted on Facebook. I didn’t do this, and I’m not sure why it started. So far, I’ve have not been able to figure out who is claiming the music.

If you have information about this – particularly which company is claiming the music, please let me know!

I’d also like to figure out which pieces are being claimed.

As of July 30th, 2022 – I’m aware of problems with these pieces:

  • Ancient Winds
  • Amazing Grace
  • Skye Cuillin
  • Local Forecast

Well, go on. Get up there. … Scoot!

Journey to Ascend

Jamming on some cheap percussion with some friends and a click track.
Recommended uses for this track: Tiki bar, Museum exhibit of a bear,
On hold music for an adventure bike tour company, Street festival in Monrovia (Liberia – not California).

You can download the full uncompressed files here!