Solo Bass Project

Interesting pieces done live on a solo bass.
Over Under
Jarvic 8
Wet Riffs
I started these recordings a while back, the plan was to write as other composers using techniques I don’t usually use.
The story: This was music from a bass player who was from Canada, now living in Brooklyn.
While these compositions were worked on for a while, they were all recorded on one afternoon – before a scheduled live performance later that night. The live performance never happened.

Bugle calls

I got an email this morning from military bugler Jari Villanueva. My version of “Taps” was wrong. Oops. That’s not good. I recorded a new correct version from the music he gave me.
Taps v2
And while I was doing bugle calls, I also recorded “First Call” as played by three trumpets.
It is pretty exciting, though not as clean as it if were performed by a soloist. I hope I got this one right! :-)
First Call
Yes, I know, the opening arpeggio should be triple tongued…

Jari Villanueva’s bugle calls can be found on the U.S. Army Band’s site. I think the recordings there are in the Public Domain… but I’m not certain.

At least there is some explanation…

I received a fantastic explanation of what is going on with the Youtube Content ID Match system with at least some of my music (typically the ones that Sony and Universal are claiming rights to).
False Content ID with Classical Music
Thanks, Will!
I’ll try to keep everyone here posted as to the goings on of this battle – hopefully, this will cause a change in the “right’s holders’” policies. If it does not, then I can at least provide everyone who gets hit by this the details of how to go about fixing it.

Dear Internet Sleuths

Seeing as how YouTube is being very slow about this, I’m going to start talking directly with publishers.
One big one that many many people have complained about is “the Self-Help Hypnotherapy Store”.
If you are them, or know them, or can get me a contact there, or find an email address – please email me. I found a phone number online – but no one answers.
Getting these guys to stop will halt a full half of all the problems people have reported.