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America! Merica! USA! [beat] USA! [beat] USA!!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for patriotic music over the last week, so I’ll just post this here… I am not writing new music… because I don’t have to! There is some great stuff in the public domain

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Here we go everyone! We didn’t have it ready in time for the Oscar’s gift bag, but sign up this month and you’ll never miss exclusive content available only to the Patreon subscribers! Pledge $2.00 or more per month Thanks!

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YouTube and ContentID

In the Before Times, ContentID and my work didn’t get along so well. Many people took my music, claimed it as their own, sold it to people, then claimed videos on YouTube through the ContentID system. YouTube had been working

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ContentID Form!

Help me help you and help others! If you have had a ContentID claim against your YouTube video (because of my music), you can help me track down the bad parts of the ContentID database by simply filling out a

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The Project

The Kickstarter project for the documentary is coming along! Over $2000 pledged by 50 people! (That is $40 on average) But I’d like to see a lot more people help out on this. It should be really cool. I’m super

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There are problems with ContentID… again.

For some reason, there is a slew of new claims against my music – I can’t reply to all the emails coming in, but I’ll try to give the updates here. Stormfront: Is being claimed. I’m not sure by who

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