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First Ever Merch!??

I get a fair number of requests for CDs and signed things, and I’ve never sold any of that. It didn’t seem cool.
But premium multi-color vinyl with a signed poster? Okay, that’s cool.

The folks over at Battle For Dream Island have been working on this with me. I’m pretty excited about it!


When will this come out?
I don’t know.

How much will this cost?
I don’t know.

Where can I order it?
I don’t know.

How will you sign the posters?
Metallic Sharpie. Gold, Silver, and Copper.

Looking for MIDI?

One of my Holy Grails of music production has been made!
You can put any audio file in, and it will make sheet music for you.

AnthemScore 4

There is a 30 day free trial, so you certainly see if it works for you.

Accelerating Fun

Sergio’s Magic Dustbin

This piece starts very slow and builds… like Bolero. Unlike Bolero, this piece builds beyond the safety limit and gets crazy. I recommend you check out the piece from 1 minute 48 seconds in. There are several break points you can start from to get to the crazy payoff faster, or use the whole thing!

You can purchase from iTunes here!

Is this one of those ADHD tracks?

Equatorial Complex

Enjoy a serene sanctuary where time stands still. Envelop yourself in a warm, nostalgic embrace, evoking the feeling of a sun-drenched afternoon in a hidden garden. The air is filled with the echoes of a distant, yet familiar, world, inviting you to lose yourself in the comforting simplicity of the moment…

You can purchase from iTunes here!

Deck in, chummer!

Brain Dance

Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of “Brain Dance,” a sonic experience that plunges you deep into the heart of the Sixth World. Conjured amidst the neon glow and astral currents of a dystopian Seattle, this track is the essence of a Decker’s paradise.

Synthwave textures weave an intricate matrix around you, leaving you entangled in its cybernetic allure. Deck in, chummer, and let the futuristic soundscape rewrite your reality. Wait… what universe is this set in?

You can purchase from iTunes here!

Ohhhh… Now, I get it.

Vibing Over Venus

It is relaxation hour here on Radio Kilimanjaro, the only all-live music, 24-hour frequency on your radio dial! Tonight is going to kick off with Alice Goodworth on her vibraphone, playing along to the famous Radio Kilimanjaro Automaton Ensemble. She calls this piece “Vibing Over Venus”… and you all know why! (It is because she plays vibes… [which is a musical instrument.])

You can purchase from iTunes here!